Parents name child after Adolf Hitler?!?

In a news article I found online, a little boy turning three was denied a birthday cake from a supermarket’s bakery because his name is Adolf Hitler ( I am leaving out the last name). This particular store has refused to make him a cake before and they are defending their decision. He eventually got his cake from a Wal-Mart. The boy’s parents say the reason that they named their son that is because they wanted to give him a name that no one would think of. Something unique to them I guess. They also have two baby daughters that have Nazi-themed names as well. The parents also say while they are not racists they do not believe in mixing with other races socially or romantically. Now I do know that people have the right to name their children whatever they please I do think that naming a child a name like that is disgusting and that child is going to have a very hard time growing up in school and whatever else. That is my opinion and I wanted to get others. What do you all think of this? Also did the store have the right to deny him a cake? Serious answers please. Thanks.

This question I have seen before but I don’t mind answering it again. I read articles about this and it made me physically sick. It is sad how ignorant and starved for attention some people are. I support the supermarket’s decision. I pray that this child and his sisters don’t follow in their parents footsteps. Only they can choose their own path in life. Hopefully their character will be more pleasant than their names.

omg i feel so bad for the kid, its not like he picked it, but the stores Idk if the stores had the right they could of thought it was a joke

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