Obama has been calling those who oppose his health care proposal &quot:liars&quot: for months. So why are Democrats in..?

an uproar because someone finally turned the tables and called Obama a liar?

Why is it OK for Obama to use harsh language against his opponents, yet all hell breaks loose when ONE congressman uses it on him?
And where is there a better place to accuse someone of lying than in Congress?

Obama is a narcissist and a Chicago thug. If you don’t like something, he will just cram it down your throat until it chokes you to death.

I applaud the man who had the guts to call this lying hypocrit what he is.

It WAS wrong to yell out that the President was a liar during a joint session: It was rude. However, the President was using that joint session to lie to the American people to get a power grab that will impact everyone and hurt most of them (all who have insurance.) That is worse.

And Anne, the bill says only ONE PART won’t apply, and the Dems specifically voted down in committee amendments which would have actually made people SHOW they were here legally. Without that, a prohibition that they use it is useless. They are prohibited from being here, as well, yet they are.


It may have been a breach of etiquette, but that’s nothing compared to SELLING OUT OUR WHOLE COUNTRY TO INTERNATIONAL BANKERS!!!

Bottom line, Obama IS a liar! He is EXACTLY like Bush, if not WORSE.



Because it was a continued pattern of lies promoted by you lot.

You should really be ashamed and embarressed for swallowing the lies promoted by your party leaders.

The myth of horific socialist medical plans is a farce in the greatest degree that can easily be checked up on, by going to the individual countries websites and asking questions of the people who are living under the plans.

The US has the most expensive health care in the world, it bankrupts 700,000 US families every year, simply because we are the only country that supports profiting from illness, disease and accidents.

show me one incident where Obama called someone a liar

Joe Wilson was the LIAR


Lol. I guess. The only difference is that the liars who have been making up ridiculous stories about nationalized health care ARE liars.

Wellllll…… the DIFFERENCE is that you guys are liars. The crap you’ve been putting out there to SCARE people is the stuff of science fiction.

Death panels? Gonna kill granny? Forced abortions?

>you guys are looooooney<

because saying there will be death camps is a lie that even republicans have admitted isnt true

I don’t recall seeing Obama shout “liar” while one of his opponents was giving a speech. In fact, I don’t think Obama makes a habit out of attending his opponents’ speeches. Am I wrong about that?

If this is the road the conservs want to take then so be it… just don;t get up in arms when conservs began to speak.. and people yell out liar… your setting a new precedent.. NO RESPECT FOR THE PRESIDENT…. is that really what you want???

There’s a time and a place for everything and Joe’s timing was considerably off.

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