Need advice with potty training stubborn puppy?

I have a 4 month old Pitbull/rottie/Lab/Weimaraner puppy. She picks up tricks and other things extremely easy. She learned sit in a day, and also sits whenever you pour her food, anything extra that she recieves she does not beg. But we have been working on potty training her for about 2 months now, but she still isnt picking it up whatsoever. We do not allow her to go out on her own, without supervision and praise her whenever she does go out. But she poops on the floor and pees on the floor with NO warning, she does not whine to go out, and we try and time it at the same time everyday, but she continues to go to the bathroom on the floor no matter what. Does anyone have any good tricks they used for potty training their stubborn puppy?

At first, I had the exact same problem with my puppy. The only solution that worked.. ok you might not like the tedious work of this-but you have to take your dog out MANY times a day to encourage them to go outside. And when I say many, I mean 8. Its hard for your puppy to go from warm soft carpet and a warm house to going outside on the cold hard ground. So you need to take her out alot, and give her a praise the second she goes. Some professional dog trainers aggree and do this method when training. You can eventually lesson the amount of time you have to take her out, but depending on how she does, it could take weeks to months.
And feeding will matter to. Feed your puppy three times a day and figure out what size rations she should have. Give her 20 min. After 20 minutes, whatever she hasn’t eaten (if she’s left the bowl) then take it away. But leave the water out.


Hi, I understand that you are looking for some advice or resources to help fully train your dog or fix behavior problems. If a professional dog trainer is not an option at this time, or if you want to trt training your dog on your own (a great way to bond), I’d suggest you

A friend recommened it to me a few years ago, and I was amazed how quickly it worked, which is why I recommend it to others. The dog training academy also has as an excellent home training course.

Potty training a youngster is surely one of the most demanding things for all mothers and fathers. while you might be tired of changing diapers and cleaning potty, your child would not comprehend this as he/ she is too younger. The only way to come out of this frustrating and cleansing method is to potty train for your kid and this is what you will get with this approach
The package has been emerged as a massive hit in the current previous and a quantity of mother and father from across the globe opted for this incredible toilet training answer.
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you just need to keep at it. my puppy was 100% trained at about 9 months. she stopped having ANY accidents. feeding your dog on a scedule helps alot. this makes it easier to predict when the dog will have to potty. crates are also very helpful for potty training. you need to learn how long she can hold it and take more frequent trips outside. hang in there eventually you’ll get it. petsmart and petco have free potty training classes early in the morning. or you can go during the day its not really expensive.

It is vital to potty train your youngster when ahead of he begins going to college. It is needed for them to stay away from undesired accidents at school. Numerous schools and day cares of the present day times neglect Those kids who are not completely potty educated so if you want to learn how to potty train your youngster in only 3 day you will need this
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The initial 6 chapters of the program contain background of potty training along with the techniques to prepare for the process. It also contains the information about the appropriate age of your kid that is perfect for beginning the potty coaching. It also discusses the indicators that you must observe in your child to understand if he or she is ready for the exact same or not.

I recommend crate training her. Puppies don’t pee/ poop where they sleep so if u keep her in a crate at night and when your not home she will learn but you still have to take her out very often. oh and make sure the crate is not too big cause she could pee in one spot and sleep in the other. You could get a big crate and put a box or something in the back of the cage. When she is not in the crate make sure you keep a good eye on her.

Ok, I listen your frustration. Obviously via now, you presently understand via permitting him to move anyplace at the ground was once a foul concept. He has this fake feel that it’s good enough to move anyplace. It isn’t too past due to instruct an historical puppy new tips! 🙂 My Maltese discovered inside the first week however I was once residence all day with him (I appreciate no longer every body has this luxurious). Please, Buy Pee Pads in the event you plan to teach him to move within the apartment or each. (i did each so while it rains or while I ought to move out). If you’re no longer going to teach indoor, then take him out like each hour, after he is going, deliver him a deal with and inform him he did well. After a at the same time, he will understand that is the correct factor to do and he will move via the door to move–simply watch him or he will pee via the door if you do not take him out. If indoor coaching is your target, the pee pee pads is less complicated b/c you are going to damp a small subject together with his possess urine, via smelling his possess urine while he is going close it, he will obviously urinate there–Your Job is to Celebrate it, inform him Good Boy and deliver him treats! They react rather well to treats! Every time he does it, you deliver him one (preserve them close). It is reinforcement Behavior. Be certain to uncover a well location for the pads so you do not ought to transfer them. Dogs be taught repetition. When I was once coaching Oscar whenever he went it was once one massive get together in my apartment and he might get so blissful figuring out he made us blissful. Also, you presently ought to holiday his dangerous addiction. Now you ought to instruct him that going in all places the ground is dangerous..this can be intricate, however no longer unattainable! Please, do not take it out on him, isn’t his fault. When he is going, take him to the spot, inform him NO NO, BAD BOY With a Stir Tone Voice so he is aware of he did whatever dangerous and make him odor it. People say to cause them to odor it—I do not have the guts to do it. I desire my hints aid you. Be Patience!!! He is younger! My was once four months historical. The pleasant factor is to stroll him up to viable after a at the same time he will get it!!! No Offense, however who is vibrant concept was once it to get a ten week historical dog with a 20 month youngster? That’s’ Rough on You and the dog would be the blameless via stander.

when she poops rub her nose it and same thing with pee
it works well
and then hopefully shy learns

just every hour take her outside!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just like exclamation points ok?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

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