My internet connection has become extremely slow?

Yahoo is my homepage and the last few days I’ve noticed my connection to Yahoo is really slow, is there anyone else experiencing this problem? I’ve called my provider and we have run speed tests and he told me that I have a very fast connection according to them. I was with Charter Comm. which was really fast, but then I changed to ATT. It was o.k. until about a week ago when I let an agent with them talk me into bundling my package for a better price, but he assured me that it would not affect my internet, but I think it did. Do any of you folks have problems connecting? I may have to swap back to Charter

delete cookies,and saved passwords and websites from your website list, go to start menu go to control panel and look up cookies and itll all pop up

Charter Comm.…

check all your settings for networking, while online check properties of network connections in control panels to analyze speed and transfer

verify that other programs are not using connection while on web, like updaters, or firewalls and antivirus working that scan emails, thus slowing down transfers, which is ok,
~check things like remote assistance and turn off if not needed,
~scan for maleware, and if any found, delete,

I got it!!!!!! Go to staples ask for Webroot Spy Sweeper with Antivirus just cost 30.00$ scan your pc delete any virusus cookies trojans and anything bad boost up ure pc by restarting it after every sweep and dere u go.

What browser are you using? Try Firefox or Chrome and see if it makes difference. Run a full spyware scan.

diconect ur modem/router or clear ur cookies and all that crap
check computer for virusis

well there is award-winning software called ‘Internet Turbo’
best internet accelerator, why dont you use it?

is it just with yahoo, or everything?

i’m not sure i have Verizon

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