My dog keeps running away from home, what can i do to stop him from running away???

So heres the deal, i have a 2 yr old Akita named Clash, hes a really nice dog but he keeps running away from home. He literally jumps our 6 ft. fence and we’ve tried to put things on the wooden fence to make it higher but he always finds a new way of leaving. When hes out on the street and we call him, he just keeps running and doesnt come back till about 2 hours later. What can i do to stop him from jumping that fence/running away from the house??? i hate to see him tied down all the time and my parents want to give him away if he continues to leave the house when we let him lose to run around the backyard. please please help!

I have 5 dogs, of the five there are is one that wants to get out. She tends to crave more attention than the others, too. I have found that spending a little bit of extra time, either playing, going for a drive, a quick extra lap around the house or an extra minute grooming seems to appease her. I tested this by giving the extra attention, then just giving the average attention to her. A very noticeable result. As far as listening and coming back, the only thing that helped were drills I did in the back yard. I would let her play with the other dogs, call her and when she came I gave her a treat. Now if she does bolt, I get the response I need. Its very important that a dog listens to you – you could save its life – do whatever it takes for them to pay you attention when you need them to. Practice, practice, practice.. 🙂

I had the same problem with one of my dogs. He would jump my 5 foot fence and not even think twice about it. He is neutered by the way so that certain it didn’t cure him. I installed an invisible fence on the fence that the dog was jumping over. It has worked very well. They are easy to install. Follow the instructions regarding training the dog to the fence to the letter. I know a lot of people don’t like them but I feel that it has saved my dog from being hit by cars, shot by mad land owners, and being picked up by animal control. This is the best money that I have spent to keep my escape artist in the yard.
I also take this dog out for walks and he gets a lot of training in obedience, agility, and hunting so he gets to do a lot besides sit in the backyard.
Take your dog to dog training class so you can teach him what the word come means. Come needs to be a very positive word. It should mean treats and fun not punishment. Many dogs are ruined to the word come because the owner punishes the dog for coming to the word “Come”.

Either the dog is looking for something, or he’s not happy with something. You should show your dog that you love him nd that he is living in a good place, or else he’ll be looking for someplace else to live. Also, changing the height of your fence won’t help, because dogs are smart and can always find a way out.
So, if your dog isn’t looking for something, than maybe he just wants to exercise on it’s own. But, as long as he comes back, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with it.

Don’t let him run loose around the yard. He obviously cannot be trusted to not jump the fence. In the interest of safety for others and for your dog, you need to be a responsible pet owner and make it impossible for him to get out. Another idea is to not leave him out there alone. How would you feel if he never returned because he got hit by a car or someone took him and abused or killed him? What if he bit someone and animal control took him and euthanized him???? Ask yourself these questions before you put him out there alone to run free again. If you love your dog, do something about the situation.

1. Is he neutered? Unneutered dogs will literally roam miles after a ***** in heat. Get him snipped asap.

2. Is he bored? Make sure he’s getting plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Try clicker training with him as just 5 minutes of this really tires dogs out. There’s a video here:

3. Supervise him! Keep him indoors unless you’re outside playing with him or supervising him for a wee break.

4. Get him microchipped, so if a dog warden picks him up he can be traced to you. Make sure he’s wearing a collar with your ID on.

If the dog keeps running away, you can’t let him outside. Get him trained to stay where you leave him. This is going to take a lot of work for you. It sounds like you don’t have the commitment, so consider giving the dog to a responsible owner. If your dog escapes, and gets hurt or hit by a car, you have yourself to blame. It is your responsibility to take care of your dog’s safety.

maybe but in a invisible fence so he can’t get to close to a physical fence. If he gets to close he will get shocked. This would work best if you have a good size yard and I might install it on the out side of the fence to maximize the area he has.

the other thing you need to do is make it so he comes when you call him. Put a long lead on him and call him . If he doesn’t come pull him towards you and give him a treat and some love. Repeat this till he learns if he comes to you he gets a treat and love. Then when he’s not on a lead he will want to come to you because he will have learned that he gets something good. It would be good to work with a trainer on this to make sure you do it right.

A 6 foot fence is like a line of ink to him – a 10 foot fence will make him work (but he’ll still jump it if he really wants to).

Unless you train him not to leave home, he’s going to if you don’t keep him on a leash, tie-out or trolley.

A lot of dogs do this, its just a lack of exercise and boredom. Take him out for long runs, our lab used to do this so we’d get a bicyle and tie her to one handle and she loved pulling me along on it! Its a bit dangerous when they pick up on a scent, but they love it and it keeps them busy.

You might want 2 think about an electric fence. Give him love. And take him out on a leash. Show him the boundries. And don’t get too mad at him. Simply tell him no. Good luck!

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