Jeremy Beadle?

Have you seen the front page of the Scottish Sun about Jeremy Beadle.

Jeremy’s not about

Thats Bang out of order!!!

They might televise the cremation.

Its called “You’ve been flamed”


Well out of order. Jeremy Beadle was a selfless man, he did so much for charity and raised over 100 million. Rest in peace Jeremy.

Sometimes the Sun can be really funny and sometimes really sick. This is not one of their best efforts.
I was never a big fan of Jeremy Beadle and had no idea, until I saw it on tv news last night, that he had been knighted for raising ‘tens of millions of pounds for charity’.
Whatever anyone thinks of him as an entertainer surely his actions deserve respect – even from the Sun.

RIP Jeremy Beadle

59 is young to die these days. Very sad as he was a great person and I loved watching him on Beadles about etc.

ha ha, i think Jeremy Beadle would have liked that one!

Heartfelt sympathy to all of your family and friends. You had great talent and a good sense of humour. You raised so much money too for charity. R.I.P. Jeremy.

It is out of order but not surprising. Rest assured, I will always look down my nose at those at the Sun rag.

He’s not really dead.
It’s a pilot for a new series of Beadle’s About.

Very sad.

I just hope he wrote a will allowing his hearse to drive round the M25 in reverse at 60mph, or some other wild prank.

He’ll be missed!

Any man that can raise ВЈ100 million + for charity gets my 100% respect.

yes I think he upset some of the bigwigs in Media world.. that’s why maybe he was shunned in his life and also why now they (like the spoilt kids they are) cannot resist a final kick.

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