Jaya says Raja is corrupt.Raja says Jaya is also corrupt.Isn t like &quot:The Pot calling The Kettle Black&quot:?

So there are many pots and kettles in politics.
Is there any scrupulous politician who is neither a pot nor a kettle

Sorry my friend,I must disillusion you of your wrong impression that there are many pots and kettles in politics.All these have been melted down and reshaped and beaten into one big vessel which is called the “CAULDRON”.In the olden days
witches and sorcerers/warlocks and voodoo practitioners et al used the cauldrons to brew their potions to cast their spells.In modern times,our politicians who themselves have been reshaped as cauldrons brew their scams,frauds,and all
the chicanery in their heads coming up with and dreaming up new ways to get rich quick.And one more thing that you seem to have a misconception is a “scrupulous
politician”.While that is a beautiful example of an oxymoron,it is also a new one because a third dimension has been added by asking whether there is one such who is also not a pot or a kettle.Let me clarify.There is no such politician who has scruples and who is also not a cauldron.And lastly,a cauldron of the olden times is hard to destroy because it has been tempered over a fire for far too long as a result of which it is always black having been impregnated by soot.
You however,Have a Spotless Day.

you are right

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