If Germany and Soviet Union were allied during World War 2, would they have won?

If Germany and Soviet Union, along with Japan agreed to conquer the world, would they have won the war?

Yes. In fact, if they hadn’t shifted their focus to invading Russia instead of invading England, they might have won the war in Europe before the attack on Pearl Harbor ever happened. Japan vs. the US would have been its own war independent of what the Nazis were doing.

Well the Red Army was a joke when the war first started, despite vastly outnumbering the Finns (nearly on a scale of 10 to 1) in the Winter War they still lost a lot of men and heavy equipment. Stalin’s paranoid purge of the Soviet officers corp was also a major blow, biggest one was probably his blundering leadership. Even though his spies were telling him that the Germans were planning on invading Russia he didn’t even believe them. After a while Stalin finally got his **** together. The Russian’s arsenal was upgraded, as well as their tactics. Before the Germans knew it they were hopelessly over matched. Germany did not have the manpower to wrestle down the Red Army, and probably most importantly they lacked the industry. The Red Army had numerous factories and a vast amount of resources available to them to fight off the Nazis. For every German Panzer rolling out of the factory there were at least 10 more Soviet T-34s rolling out the same time.

Possibly… I think that the war would have just been longer with the same end result just with many more causalities. Also once we nuked Japan I think that Russia and Germany would be much easier to get to surrender.

But you have to remember, Germany spread to thin and killed itself. Then the Soviet Union’s economy collapsed, people in the Soviet Union lived on small portions of moldy bread. And I’m not completely for sure on this one but I think that the Soviets had more people die from starvation and disease than the fighting itself. So the Soviets and Germans would have still had their problems.

Hard to say. They would have been a force to be reckoned with, that’s for sure.

What if the US got the atomic bomb first as they did? That may have made a huge difference.

Googlybear: You missed the point of the question. It’s hypothetical, assuming Germans never killed “20 million” Russians and thus were allies.


all depends on who got the A-bomb first

Hitler and Stalin WERE allies at first. but hitler “double crossed stalin and attacked Russia really bad mistake

USA England France (in exile) and Russia were the Allies. germany Japan and Italy were the “axis”

the german scientists First realized that an A-Bomb could be made and warned America
President Roosevelt believed them when albert Einstein agreed

America’s “manhattan project took about 1/4 of ALL the wealth and production of the war effort and we got the bomb first

the british and Norwegian resistance fighters crippled the German effort when they destroyed the “heavy water”–í¬†project in Norway early in the war

Japan also knew (form the germans it could be done)

No country but the USA had the resources to do it. thank heaven!

Probably but the nuking wouldn’t have ended with Japan if that were the case.

Doesn’t anyone study history anymore? Germany and the USSR were allies at the outset of the war. They only stopped being allies when Hitler attacked them.

Yes but luckily Stalin and Hitlers ego’s stopped that.

One thing though I wouldn’t be so sure it would the US ending up with the nuclear bomb considering Russia’s scientists were instrumental in inventing it.

stalin used religious symbols to help motivate his people to fight to the death against hitler

without the disasterous invasion of russia, hitler may have gotten the a-bomb first

Impossible. That is ultimate battle of our world. They wouldn’t win “together”

**Germany did NOT attack England first! Jeeze..

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