I m raped and the rapist says that i should marry him?

i stay with my bro he has the habit of drinking too much every day his friends come in our house and switch on the music too loud .one day three of his friends came into my room, two caught my hands and one poured champagne on me, they opened all my clothes and harrased me sexually and have the images of that they say they will show those image to my boyfriend whom i love very much i live in india where a girl finds it really difficult to marry if she is raped ,she is not respected .now those boys (those hideous rapists)say that they will show those photos to my friends and my colleagues &amp: i will be left alone all my life they say they won’t show those images to any one if i marry any one amongst the three my mom and dad are dead and my bro does not care for me he considers me a servant i recently i went to the doctor and have come yo know i am pregnant with the rapist’s child

I read your other questions and they just don’t add up. In one you had champagne poured over you…in the other they gave you a pill to make your mind hazy…in another you say you live with your brother, but your father’s friends son (and his friends) are the ones that supposedly raped you. Either you are not telling the truth or you are putting different details of the incident in the different questions. Also, when you say if you marry one of the attackers your parents are dead, is that literal? Or do you mean you will be dead to them? Not sure whether to believe your question or not…seems a bit far fetched.

1. It is a lie … just to provoke answers

2. If you are in this situation you should go to police, it would become national news and those fellows would be punished

3. Stop doing this

Report to unicef.. they will respect you rights and send over people there to help you. do not be afraid to seek help, or nothing will be change, and your future inevitable.. i will pray for you.. use this web link to contact them. http://www.unicef.org/about/contact_contactusform.html
How old are you?

RAPE IS NOT A JOKE YOU ******* ****!!!!!!

please go to the police and contact victom support

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