I have a tourist visa for the united kingdom which expires in march end. Can I enter uk before my visa expires?

I have a tourist visa for the united kingdom which is valid till end of march. If i enter uk before my visa expires and stay on till june will it be fine because someone told me that we can stay for max upto 6 months even after the visa is expired.

No, you must leave the country by the time your visa expires.

Only people from countries with a reciprocal visa waiver agreement can come to the UK for up to 6 months. Anyone who has to have a visa to enter the UK MUST leave before the visa runs out or they will be here illegally and will be deported and not allowed back into the UK for a very long time. They would also have their passport stamped indicating that they are being deported and this alone could cause them problems if they tried to enter another country…

You can enter the country UK but before expire your visa come out over there.

Yes you can enter while the visa is still valid, but you MUST leave before it expires. An expiry date is an expiry date and it’s there for a reason. Whoever told you that is wrong.

No, you have to leave before the visa expires, not enter

Your unique visa ended once you seperated (i.e. earlier divorce) out of your 1st spouse. you’re for this reason no longer in the united kingdom witha criminal permission. you are able to’t marry in the united kingdom and not using a valid vids, you presently would desire to go away and re-persist with for a greater half visa from exterior the united kingdom getting 2 better half visas for the united kingdom is amazingly confusing (even an EEA kin visa) anticipate which you and your new spouse will would desire to stay someplace else (poland ?) earlier comming back to the united kingdom. you are able to desire to coach that this visa is one hundred ten% actual and not basically an excuse to stay in the united kingdom. whether you’re married (ultimately) to this new lady, you are able to desire to stay along with her 5 years earlier getting Permanant place of living (basically) of the ecu usa you stay in. or possibly you the two will take exhilaration in egypt ? (Egypt isn’t Afghanistan, huge-unfold airlines which comprise BA ones fly daily, it won’t have the ability to be so risky if flight team are allowed to circulate and stay there – or uk has an embassy there !). you besides mght would desire to marry exterior the united kingdom.

You have to leave before your visa expires.

You need to leave before the expiry date.

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