I feel so unnoticed by my friends!?

I know that I’ve asked this question already, however some people didn’t hit it exactly right, so I’m reposting this question along with the additional details.
So, tomorrow is Valentine’s day and so today, I made everyone brownies and bought some of my friends roses (they sell them at school). For every holiday or one of my friends’ birthdays, I always bake some brownies or cake or something to show that I remembered and care. But what do I get in return? Absolutely nothing. I would think that they would at least do something for my birthday. But no. They never even say happy birthday to me and it’s soo aggravating!! So today, when I saw everyone getting roses and chocolate from everyone else, it just made me burn up inside because you know what I got? Nothing. Not even a Happy Valentine’s Day! or a hug or something. I’m not invisible to my friends, so why am I always left out? Or am I just being spoiled?
I don’t want to confront them about it because personally, I think that’s really annoying (really, no offense to anyone who does that). My friends and I can’t really tell the difference between a joke and being serious (unless it’s totally obvious). They would find that really annoying and awkward and besides, I would never do that.
Also, I’m already always very hyper. When we’re together, I’m always screaming my head off at someone or smacking someone or I have the urge to hit something or whatever. I’m already a very loud person and my friends are VERY aware of that (I often scare people away XD)

First of all you need to quite down a bit. How about not going out of your way for your friends and see what happens. Maybe they just might start to realize how good a friend you are. If not, find new friends.

Well, you’re definitely not going completely unnoticed, and I don’t think that your friends don’t like you or something, because usually even the worst of friends will still get each other gifts – as weird as it sounds – to cover up the fact that they don’t like one another.
However, it sounds like all you need to do is to give them a taste of their own medicine. Forget birthdays and holidays and gift-giving days for a while, and see how they like it.

It sounds like you’re one of those loud popular girls that everyone knows… Perhaps you’ve been too attention seeking lately, and they’ve just gotten sick of it? Are you sure they KNOW when it’s your birthday? you could just celebrate it yourself and let them join in if they want to

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