I am having fears and anxieties about giving birth?

I am eight months pregnant and this will be my first child. This may sound crazy but I have been having anxiety attacks about people in the delivery room seeing me completely naked. I also worry about defecating while trying to push. I know I should probably worry about others things such as the health of the baby and me, but for some reason the thought of everybody in the room looking between my legs and watching me defecate is really unsettling. Has anyone else thought about this while about to give birth?

Congratulations on your upcoming addition!
I am a mom of two and I am also a nurse in an OB unit. So, first let me start off by addressing this question as a mom. I aslo had these exact same fears as I was awaiting the birth of my first child, however, when the day finally arrived and it was getting down to the time when delivery was imminent, I truly didn’t care who was in the room seeing me in “all my glory”. That was the least of my worries. Then with the birth of my second child, my big fear was having a bowel movement as I pushed. According to my husband, my worst fear happened, although I wasn’t even aware of it. So, let me address your fears now as a nurse. The nurses and doctors that work in Labor and Delivery see naked women all the time. We don’t even give it a second thought. We are not there to “check you out”, only to help you accompish one of the hardest and most rewarding things that you will ever do. Secondly, having a bowel movement during the pushing phase of labor is a normal part of delivery and happens often. There is so much pressure on a womens bottom as she delivers. If there is any stool in the rectum it is expelled. I assure you that the nurses and doctors see this happen all of the time and are very good about keeping it discreat.
I hope this helps ease your fears.
Good luck to you and your family!

Trust me on this. You won’t really care about having a bowel movement durring labor and being exposed to strangers won’t feel like a big deal either.
It’s very normal to worry about the big day and to be very nervous about it, but honestly when it gets here, you’ll be so happy to know it’s going to be over that you won’t have time to feel nervous about it.
Hey, even with my 4th baby, I was nervous just thinking about giving birth again, but really there was nothing to worry about. Now, i’m pregnant with # 5 and I guess i’ll do the same thing and worry about it till it gets here.

They will give you an anema before so don’t worry. Your anxieties are normal. Remember, the people in the deliver room are professionals. You will have doctors and nurses. Best of luck and congratulations!

OMG yes! I am prego with my 4th and I STILL worry about that! It’s human nature to not want people to watch you poop…With my 3rd, I actually did poo while pushing and although I was embarrased, the doctors and nurses were like, “Honey, it’s nothing that hasn’t happened before.” Don’t worry about it

I thought about it until I walked into the maternity ward and was having contractions, I was in too much pain to really care. but after I got all moved into our room I became self concious again, its the natural instinct that kicks in, good luck!

I felt like that whith my first baby but once your in there then you forget about whats happening and who is in there . with my second baby born 13 weeks early i had 7 midwives and doctors all looking there but belive me it doesnt even cross your mind they are all proffessionals after all. so dont worry and enjoy .

I did with my first child, but trust me, once you are in there that will be the last thing on your mind!!!! There will be so much going on…..you’ll forget your legs are up and wide open!!! Don’t worry!!!!!! Congratulations and relax, it will be fine!

When it comes time you wont care who sees you naked. You will just want it out. Everything will be fine.

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