Humans the Inferior Race?

Has anyone else thought that humans are actually somewhat the inferior race? The only thing we have is intelligent which is pretty powerful but think about it, nature actually controls. If there is an earthquake, tornado, or any other natural disaster we can’t exactly fight back we have to work around it. Or think about the animals, if we didn’t cage them they would dominate us and we wouldn’t be on top of the food chain. Has anyone else thought of it? My friend mentioned it and I found it really weird how much nature actually controls us. We can’t live without nature.

Humans really are not inferior to any animal.

You say that if we did not cage animals they would dominate us. I’m not sure that is the case there are wild animals still that do not dominate us. The fact that we can cage them illustrates our superiority.

Nature does not control us , it affects us . The story of civilisation is the story of humans using and adapting to the environment. Some would say that we are too good at this and are ruining the planet. Who knows what is in store , nature probably has some tricks up her sleeves.

I think humans and their decendants are here to stay. I am sure they will outlive the suns demise also.

This makes little sense because animals would not know if they are superior and would eat people like grapes and apples or what ever they eat. The concept of a discussion saying humans could be inferior having a hand to hand combat with a lion is pointless except for a inferior human. Nature is from the sky where no animals live. Birds do not fly high in the clouds but people can with planes.

How are humans the inferior race, now? Nature is not a ‘race’, so we are not inferior there, we are at the mercy of our living evironment. Animals not in cages would be shot or managed in some other way. I point to wild deer, rabbits, or bears as examples; they aren’t in cages and yet we have to upper hand on their populations. “The only thing we have is intelligence”. Well, first off, I think some of us have more than others, but thats not important. Our intelligence is exactly the thing that DOES make us the superior species on this planet.

While we cannot “fight back” nature, we are equipped with the intelligence and materials to be able to predict natural disasters, and secure ourselves in the event of an emergency.Animals cannot invent medicines etc. to nurse each other back to health. No, we cannot attack and eat other animals like natural predators, but we can use our strong suits to find a way to get food. Raring animals, growing crops. If we were inferior, we would have died out a very long time ago. However, this intelligence of ours is questionable. You only see humans killing each other over money. One things many humans lack is the ability to cooperate and function as a community. In this way, we are definitely inferior to other animals. 🙂

For us to be an inferior race there would have to be a superior one. Nature as an entity is not a race. Are you saying that it is sentient and has a will of its own?
I think what you are noticing is that when we change our perspective and spend time contemplating nature we realize that we are not as strong and in control as we think. It gives us a different view as to where we measure in the universe. It is humbling and a very good reminder that we are not gods.

Eugenics was done in multiple western countries several decades ago. It was an outrageous violation of basic human rights. It’s not LACK OF eugenics that’s making us “weaker,” it’s actually medical advances and technology. The weak are recovering to reproduce instead of just the strong. And frankly, I think that makes us STRONG AS HELL. JUST THE WAY IT OUGHT TO BE.

Nature can control us for sure. Still our accomplishments are amazing. And animals wouldn’t control us. We took control of them back when we were running around in bearskins with stone spears.

When it comes to Mother Nature we have no control. When it comes to destroying Mother Nature and our environment, yes we our inferior 🙁

I agree. I believe nature is the only superior thing.

Pretty much true. Compare us to your average dog: he can run faster, hear better, smell WAY better, bite harder, jump higher, bring down bigger game, and tolerate more extremes of weather. We’re kinda soft and chewy by comparison.

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