How do you discover new hobbies and interests?

I’m back on the dating scene and it gets awkward when people ask about hobbies, I don’t really have any…

I’m short on cash and don’t have friends locally so I don’t have a social life, also options to do things locally are really limited – I try to go out, even if just to walk around town, but that’s hardly a hobby! I’m not a big fan of reading, movies, or TV due to adhd and I’m more someone who likes to *do* things rather than sit around.

I go to the gym but to me that’s just like housework or eating, it’s just something you do rather than a hobby.

When not working, at the gym, or walking about I’m just online…arguing on Facebook or pinning cute things on Pinterest, or here on Yahoo! Answer’s.

I’m interested in things like politics, activism, and women’s health but these are a bit heavy to bring up with someone on a date and still it’s not like they’re a hobby…it’s mostly just interest online, I’ve tried getting into local activism groups but there are few and I don’t feel that welcome.


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