How come men don t complain about being objectified in the media and society in general?

If women are measured by unrealistic physical attributes that only a small percentage of women possess, men are being measured by the unrealistic financial status/power position that only a small percentage of men enjoy. They are being objectified in both cases, if one was to get technical.

How come there are no rallies, protesting the objectification of men? Except one or two guys, I haven’t heard much talk about objectification of men. Is one type of objectification less important than the other?

I’ve read several articles about men objecting to being objectified in the media. They clearly are as objectified as women. The media pushed image is just as unrealistic as that for females. Men are becoming sex objects in commercials, movies, tv shoes, etc. As the commercial industry has come to realize that women enjoy looking at good looking men, they’ve taken off on the same route that is used for women in the media.

A prime example: Every see the commercials for “Bod”? Its for a colone (in what looks like a Windex bottle for some reason). In any case, the premise of the commercial is to show half naked men performing strenuous exercise– each with an over the top perfect body and to the background chant of “I want you bod”. If that’s not objectifying men, then I don’t know what is.

This trend is (relatively) new but there are still many articles of men and women speaking out against it. You just have to look in the right places. Why don’t they have rallies or protests? Social pressure. Socially men are discouraged from making the same complaints that women make. Its not right, but men typically are supposed to be “manly” and “unconcerned” about something like this. Its a complete crock of s*it, of course. This effects men just as much as women, but I think they’re more reluctant to speak out because of how they fear other men will view them.

There are just some things that women have more social freedom to do, sad to say.

I think this is a great question. Maybe we have internalized their objectification to be an expectation.

Men can determin that its mute an that the media has no real idea how the normal person thinks.

Men are only interested in power, rallies and stuff just keeps the masses occupied, if that power is really threatened you will just be assassinated.

Maybe men realize something that women do not, everyone gets f**ked. Casting blame and pointing fingers will not change anything.
To Unavailable,
I do not think it is fair to blame society when a man rapes and/or beats a woman. The burden of responsibility belongs on the offender.

Financial status and power are usually earned by merit. They require education, ambition, and drive. Beauty requires none of these things. This is what makes the physical objectification of women somewhat more unfair.

Perhaps we just care about how people who we know percieve ourselves, instead of rallying about how everyone else thinks of our gender…
BTW: vamos, leonas!

Uh…you really think so? When I watch movies and television, I constantly see examples of “the average joe”…in looks, status, and financial resources. Sure, there are SOME movies and shows with extremely rich guys who are also very good looking, but most of them are average in terms of income and status, as well as average in terms of appearance (or, SLIGHTLY above average).

For women, it’s different. There are almost NO “averages janes” on TV or in the movies. Nearly all of them are picture perfect. It’s a very different situation for women.

again, it is equally bad but different. women who are made into objects are often raped, abused, etc.

EDIT: it does lay on the offender, no doubt. but many rapists say they don’t see women as people, but as objects for their disposal. what factors do you think contribute to this? in my opinion, the media is adding fuel to the flames.

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