Have you ever lost an ex to suicide? I came home from camping with my husband and children, retrieved the mail, and found a?

No, thankfully I’ve not lost anyone to suicide. I’m sure it’s hurtful. Sorry for your feelings that you were part of his decision (even though you aren’t responsible for any of his choices).

Nope i haven’t, but it’s a sad story, it was never your fault, that’s what drugs and cocaine or alcohol does to it’s addict! I really don’t know why many people have to do this, well at least your tried your best to keep your marriage going on because it seems that your a believer that a marriage must lasts forever but there is nothing you can do when your other half doesn’t responds or cooperate over time…May he rip…i feel bad for him, because he lost his life to such a junk matter!

I hope that this will be the last negative thing you’d have to pass threw in your life!

No but I’d really like to. My ex gf is a straight up life ruining whor3

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