Fellow R&P Users: have you ever been offended by a question in here?

This is inspired by the sudden disappearance of the get low question.

Have you ever been offended by anything that has been posted in R&amp:P? And what would it take for you to report a question or an answer in here?

I was offended that particular question got deleted before I had a chance to answer it. 🙂

Seriously, not much offends me. If anything, this place would be even more amazing if several unnamed individuals (no one during the day shift) weren’t quite so thinned skinned about their music or bands. The only things that I find offensive consist of:

1. Anything racist, or when some blowhard comes into this room, blaming the present company for attacks against hip-hop instead of taking it up directly with that person.

2. Any sort of personal attack against a user.

As far as everything else goes, it should be fair game. If you want to rip on a band or a certain genre, that should be protected speech in here. I’m far more offended by the senseless reporting and that Yahoo encourages a system that protects trolls and snitches.

I saw the question, but it was deleted right after I read it. Crude yes, but I confess it made me laugh a little. I could actually imagine a Will Farrell character from a movie saying those words.

I was offended by the answers to the “best songs to have sex to” question.

Sad. Very sad. The youth of today have absolutely no game. Why not just put on the local KISS station or modern rock station for cripes sake?

It’s a wonder that anyone procreates now adays. With such poor musical fluency, how are we going to propagate the species?

This question. Haha don’t worry just joking… lol . I never saw the ‘get low’ question. But however this morning i saw the “what are good songs to have sex to?” question which is quite inappropriate and could contain bad content. But i don’t report stuff, i never have and i probably never will unless it’s really offending… 🙂

I have not been offended by a question, but I have reported two answers that were incredibly inappropriate and vulgar. I have also been offended by at least two avatars which depicted full frontal ( one of each sex), but I don’t think anyone who typically answers questions would qualify as being offensive.

Not so much a question, but a while back I posted a question asking for people’s opinions on Cat Stevens’ conversion to Islam, and got a disappointing amount of negative answers, saying he supports Al-Qaida, he’s a terrorist, whatever.
There were positive and neutral answers too though.

There was some guy a few months ago who basically wanted to know what songs women would listen to while he smelt their feet. He kept posting the Q over and over.
I found that offensively inapropriate.

I also found the “get low” question offensive, though I didn’t report it.

I’ve never been offended by anything on here. But I’m pretty thick skinned about general subject matter. If someone were to attack me personally, I might be singing a whole different tune!

I don’t get offended easily, but when people from the rap section come over here and bash rock I get a little mad. I only get mad when someone attacks me and the music I listen to.

Amen Rckets!

Hi Sookie!

Not yet, good luck trying to offend me!

I hang out in R&S. My sensibilities now have skin like a rhino…=0)

No. I am amazed at the level of stupidity displayed by some, however.

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