Does my employer have to hold my job while on active duty?

I am looking to join the military as an officer. Currently I work full time as a financial advisor, does my employer have to hold my job by law while on active duty? If so do you know where I can find documentation or what the law is called?

Only if you’re National Guard or Army Reserve. And then you must be ordered onto active duty.

If you volunteer to do an AGR tour, say three years, your employer is relieved of this obligation.

If you’re ordered onto active duty, for let’s say 730 days to mobilize, got through training, spend a year Iraq, and demobilize, they would have to hold your job for you.

i dont think so if u are in the gaurd or reserve and u get called up they do not if u enlist full time. But that does not mean they wont just the law does not force them

not for active duty. that would be your new full time job. for reserves, yes.

my buddy joined the navy and they did hold his job and even gave him his montly raises, but this is a professional job so I’m not sure.

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