Does Hamas have the right to keep bombing Israel until they get what they want?

Hamas keeps bombing Israel. They blow up innocent men, women, and children. They blow up school buses filled with small children. How would you feel if you were an Israeli and your child or your mother was killed by Hamas? Wouldn’t you want Israel to take Hamas out?

No Hamas should not have the right to keep firing rockets at Israel. Israel has stated that they will end the war the second Hamas fires its last rocket. That puts every single life lost into Hamas’ hands as far as i’m concerned.

Unfortunately Obama is deciding to give money to Hamas for “reconstruction”. Even though the bombs aren’t even done falling he is already planning to help them rebuild.

If anyone has an answer as to why Hamas keeps firing rockets when its hurting even themselves please tell me. If a lion eats someone for no reason whatsoever it is euthanized. Well Hamas has no reason so it should be euthanized.

For those in Gaza who did not vote fore Hamas i am truly sorry. I do not wish for your destruction but for those of you who let them fire rockets in your children’s schools, then you will get what you deserve.

Go Israel!

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