Do you prefer to dry your clothes out on the line or in the clothes dryer?

I love climbing into bed when there s fresh sheets that have hug out on the line all day.

I used to love hanging clothes on the line too, but I tend to use the dryer more. I can remember one time when a wasp got caught up in the sheets and I didn’t see it as I put them back on the bed later that day. Well, let’s just say that later that evening our bed saw more movement than it had in a long time!

I truly do but we have too many Doves that hang out waiting for neighbors on both sides of us feeding them twice a day and also many Sparrows.

I can close my eyes and smell fresh sheets.


It’s the dryer for me. I don’t have the time unfortunately to hang then collect my clothes. Maybe someday when I retire……

Clothes dryer, no stiff clothes that way.

In warm weather I like to hang them out (I put in a clothes line when we moved in back in 1983), but my wife says it’s too much trouble. So, I do it myself and take them down. Saves on electricity (or if you have gas, that).

Dryer I live on a dusty country road.

I prefer the dryer.

I am the same way with Sheets. I love to have them on the line. Such a nice smell

Hanging out. Can’t afford dryer anymore with increase in electric!

Sheets might smell nice, but they sure aren’t sot like out of the Dryer.
Towels on the line are like sandpaper. 8/22

I love the sunshine smell but they are softer after going thru the dryer and don’t have any bird poop on them.

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