Can you explain in less than 50 words the Israel vs Palestine thing?

in particular…

who started it, who s doing the violence, how it could be solved.
Also in the &quot:source&quot: can you put if you support either side and if you think anti-Israel is anti-semetic

If you type more than 50 I m not reading it, sorry.

UN proposed creating Jewish+Arab states in British mandate in Palestine. Jews accepted, Arabs rejected.
Jews declared independence, All Arab countries attacked Israel, and made Palestinian Arab move out of their way.
Arab countries lost, Palestinian Arabs gone homeless.
Arab countries now use Palestinians as political weapon against Israel.

I don’t know what exactly what was going on before WW2, but there must have been some sort of Chaos among the countries there, a group of Arabs who referred to themselves as Palestinians (Because there isn’t actually any real country called palestine) and, apparently, British occupation. During WW2, everything got more screwed up. These “Jews” were obviously a people without a country. And after sh*tload of them were murdered by Hitler, some deal was made in the aftermath of the war that caused Israel to come into existence in the middle of the Holy Land and amidst a bunch of other madness. Instantly, there was a conflict of interest among these two peoples who are basically enemies and now competitors for land. They all want to build a Mosque or a Temple or put a bomb or something on some holy site. Anmd, kind of like a game of king of the hill, the first one to claim the territory and total victory is supposed to have his end of the wporld prophecy fulfilled. America is involved because Israel is America’s ally. They have been our allies throughout the cold war days. They allow a democratic presence to maintain over there. Of course, many Americans who are “Christian” tend to side with the Israeli’s, since they have the same belief in the same prophecies (Judaism is the predecessor to Christianity), but the larger issue is simply that Israel is a good friend and a great, longstanding ally. The other Arab countries are absolutely not- in fact they are basically our enemies. We are trying to cater to them as much as possible to prevent their guerilla/terror warfare from becoming a national menace; however, to consider them allies, ever, would be utterly ludicrous, especially against Israel, who has, again, been our friend since its founding. In any event, since trhe wars are all religious, there cannot be any compromise. One side must win, either through conversion or through annihilation.

A tenant of Islam is that no land which has ever been Moslem should be allowed to return to the infidels. Therefore, all Mid Eastern land *must* be under Islamic rule.

Jews living in the Mid East need a safe place to live after the fall of the relatively tolerant Ottoman Empire. Holocaust finally convinces the UN that they really need to do something.

UK-controlled ‘Mandate of Palestine’ (post WWI) becomes Transjordan (7/8ths), Israel (1/16th) and what should have been a second Arab state (1/16th).

Who started it? The League of Arab Nations; refused the second Arab state and invaded Israel.
Who’s doing the violence? Both. Both have committed unconscionable acts and both have acted in self-defense.
How it can be solved? Arab & Muslim nations lift immigration and movement restrictions on Palestinian Arabs. PAs slow down their phenomenal birth rate and elect a government that recognizes Israel. Israel pulls out (again) of Gaza.

Some people are fighting over some land.

The United States started it by creating the nation of Israel in 1948 and wedging it onto another continent, where other people already lived.

Both the Israelis and the Palestinians are “doing the violence.”

It cannot be solved.

God gave the land that is Isreal to the Jews.

After having been scattered for many years, God (through the actions of certain governments) restored Israel to thier rightful land…fullfilling a prophecy.

I do understand the plight of the Palestinians, I think there is some solution to this.

Zionists moved in, created a large Jewish population, established a state on top of the previous Palestinian state with the support of the U.N. following WWII. Palestinians were pissed off since they’d lost both land and political control of what had been their state plus they had old religious dislike (which the Israeli’s returned) so they began terrorizing the Israeli’s, who in retaliation treated them pretty inhumanely, other Arab states threw in their two cents from time to time. Israel built up it’s military power. Arab terrorism flourished, Israeli retaliation against the Arabic civilian population was both misdirected and out of proportion. Civilians on both sides are basically living in fear of the other side and at this point their both at fault.

We stole the area where is Israel is from the Palestinians to give a new homeland to the Jews from WWII. As you can imagine, Palestine wasn’t too thrilled about that and it’s been war ever since. The Israelis, however, feel entitled to the area as their ancestral “homeland”. So nobody wants to play nice.

At the end of WW2 we had the problem of what to do with all the misplaced jews, the allied leaders (in all their wisdom…) decided that they could settle a new state of isreal.

Not only that, but the American leaders vowed to protect the new state of Isreal.

The Palestinians weren’t too happy about being forced out of their homeland, and retaliated.

What you are seeing now is the result of two peoples in a proverbial state of exodus.

Abraham & Sarah – old and no kids. Hagar – young fertile maid. Sarah has Hagar sleep with Abraham & she produces Ischmael. Sarah finally gets preggers & has Isaac. Sarah gets jealous & forces Abraham to get rid of Harar & Ischmael. Two step-brothers (and their offspring) hold a grudge & fight for thousands of years.

Abraham; Hagar/Ischmael


Ischmael – arabs

Isaac – Jews

Jews+Arabs = conflicts

Half-brothers never get along.

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