BNP s Griffin thinks people have &quot:a right to &quot:hurt people, maim and blow things up&quot:.&quot: Is this British?

The BNP complain about ALL muslims by claiming that anyone who is a muslim is basically a terrorist at the same time.

They say that Islam is not very British and that islam is destroying British culture.

Then Griffin comes out with something like this.

They don’t have the right to hurt people, to maim and blow things up or whatever. People only have that right when they are not allowed any other way of expressing a legitimate grievance.

Well obviously not all Muslims are terrorists, the majority live a long life and die of old age, and not by blowing themselves up.
But i agree Islam isn’t exactly British now is it.

Also no one has the right to take other peoples lives.

Also people have the right to vote for whoever they want, that also includes the BNP.

You seriously need to get a life do you know that….Are you secretly infatuated with Griffin or something?…..Your obsession is getting a bit uncomfortable…….

well the brits did it for a couple of centuries , so yes i would say it is

You really must find a life

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