about jesus…if in the bible it doesnt say…does it mean it was not?? I mean if in the bible doesnt say …?

jesus got married (it doesnt say he didnt got married either) does it mean he didnt got married??
in the bible doesnt say that mary died so does that mean mary is still alive? the bible doesnt say what happened with jesus when he was 16, does it mean jesus was never 16?

LOL. I do get your point and meaning…

I have discussed this at length some time ago, so allow me to reprint an earlier response I made to a similar question. That one had to do with the “missing years” of JC in the Bible.

Here’s my take on it.

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This could be the strongest point about the ‘hidden agenda’ of those who perpetrated to TWEAK the compilation of the Holy Bible by simply ignoring the so-called “missing years” of Yeshua ibn Joseph.

If you study about the ESSENES –the Brotherhood, a clustered community of prophets, visionaries and scribes that banded together since the time of Elijah– they were the third largest group among the Jewry. The largest groups were the Pharisees, followed closely by the Sadducees, and then by the Essenes. Yet there is NOT ONE SINGLE mention about the Essenes in the Bible. Why is that so??

Simply because that was the very group targeted by the early church [the RC Church, who gained power from Constantine] to be OBLITERATED COMPLETELY from the face of the Earth and all historical and recorded references made about them as well as all their writings. The Essenes were the same ones who followed The Law for generations and who “separated” themselves from the rest of the Jewish cities to honor their Nazarite’s Vows, which had been instituted since the time of Moses…

It was through them that the maiden, Mary –daughter of Anna and Joachim– was chosen to be the vessel for arrival of the Promised Messiah. There were two known communities of Essenes during that time: one in Nazareth, located at the foothills of Mt. Carmel; and the other in Qumran, high atop the cliffs overlooking the Dead Sea.

Mary, the young maiden, and Joseph, a respected elder and builder of their community both belonged to the community in Nazareth. Her first cousin Elizabeth, and husband Zecheriah –high priest/in-charge of the incense at the Temple in Jerusalem– lived in Qumran where John the Baptist was born.

As the proclaimed MESSIAH, Savior and King of the Jews, since the time of Anunciation [‘the Announcement’] it was ALREADY WIDESPREAD among the Essene communities about His arrival. His Nativity in Bethlehem –House of David, family line of Joseph and Mary– was WELL PROTECTED by members of the Brotherhood at all times, up to and including their departure to Egypt and safe return back to their town of Nazareth.

I would venture to conjecture the following:

Yeshua’s early childhood, or at least His first seven years, were spent with His mother and He obeyed all her laws at home. Between seven years to fourteen years old, He learned His father’s trade as a carpenter and began to learn all the Sacred Scriptures [about Him, the Elect One] from the Masters in Mt. Carmel– the original headquarters of Prophet Elijah and other 100 prophets that followed him since. This would explain why Yeshua/Jesus, at 12, began questioning the practices of the Pharisees and Sadducees at the Temple since, by then, He had already learned the Scriptures for at least five years…

By fourteen years old, He began His own ministry within the community of the Brotherhood and preached to the youth and the new members who were made welcome to join their open communities. By twenty-one years old, He had chosen the few “elects” among His early disciples and was by then known as The Master among the Brotherhood. Between twenty-one and twenty-eight, it is conceivable that He too was happily married as was the Jewish tradition among sons of men. This could also account for the various travels that He has been credited to have made in various places, learning their ways and bringing His message of the SEVENFOLD TEACHING that was given by the Ancient Great Ones who have seen the face of God…

And by the time He was thirty, He began His public ministry to the rest of the Jews outside the Brotherhood.

Presumably, being surrounded by disciples, scribes and elders of the Essene communities, the ENTIRE LIFE OF YESHUA WAS CHRONICLED and written by at least hundreds, maybe even thousands of those whom The Master had affected… even before He began to “choose” His “twelve [public] Apostles” soon after meeting His cousin –another Major Prophet, John the Baptist– for the first time along the River Jordan.

While I cannot substantiate such conjectures I’ve made, I prefer to believe that it had happened thusly…

The Holy Bible quotes Him as saying, “Take my yoke [teaching] upon you and LEARN OF ME… For my yoke is easy and my burden [worldly possessions] is light.”

It speaks quite succinctly of the Law of the Brotherhood, which states that “None will be wealthy and none will be poor, and all shall work together in the gardens of the Brotherhood. Yet all shall follow his path, and all shall commune with his heart…”

Peace be with you!

The simple answer is: of course not. The bible doesn’t say that Adam peed. That doesn’t mean that he held it in for 900+ years.

However, there are some things that *can* be said about some of your examples (which I believe is the real focus of your question).

We can be certain that Jesus did not get married. I am not going to look up all the verses, but suffice it to say that the bible makes it very clear that remaining unmarried and celibate is better than being married, and Jesus was perfect. Therefore, Jesus *must* have been unmarried *and* celibate.

Mary’s state is unknown. RCC and some other traditional sects teach that Mary was “assumed” into heaven without suffering death. The bible is silent on this matter. The validity of Mary’s assumption is beyond my certain knowledge.

In a way, Jesus *was* “out” until he reached the age of (about) 30. He performed no miracles until the wedding in Galilee. Therefore, no miraculous healings – the Doctor was out. Besides, the bible makes it clear that he was 16 – it would not be possible for him to achieve an age of 30 without first achieving an age of 16.

Jim, http://www.life-after-harry-potter.com

Wow are you confused.

We know for a fact that all 30 year old men, where once 16 year old teenage boys. If there was an exception I would expect this to be recorded in the Bible.

We know for a fact that everyone dies unless something really miraculous occurs. I would expect all those exceptions would be recorded in the Bible.

So if Mary, the mother of Jesus did not die, I would have expected that fact to be recorded in the Bible.

The facts are that not even the Roman Catholic Church taught that Mary did not die until the year 1950 when Pope Pius 12th declared the Assumption of Mary.

So its a brand new doctrine, 57 years old.

A brand new doctrine in a denomination which claims its beliefs never change.

There is nothing in the Bible to tell us that Jesus was married and the things Jesus did and said which are recorded in the Bible, tell us that he was not married.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, were at the cross while Jesus was dying and from the cross, Jesus asked John his disciple to take care of his mother.

Yet Jesus said nothing about asking John or anyone else, to take care of Mary Magdalene, who some claim was his wife.

To me, that is pretty clear proof that Jesus was not married.

Pastor Art

According to the gnostic writings Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and they were both Masters and taught the disciples together. Bible doesn’t mention it specifically because it was obvious, and completely irrelevant. Still, there’s mention of a wedding which took place “on the third day”, and it was a custom for the groom to supply the wine, and there are other clues as well. Jesus was married, and they turned him into a god-man decades (if not centuries) later.

Jesus was sixteen at one time. Jesus’ mother Mary started a church in what is now great Britain, then died. check out other ancient history books. Jesus did not get married. he could not have. The bible says that when two people get married they become one. Jesus was God’s son and therefore was pure, but if He had married he would be half human and automatically half sin-nature and therefore not able to be a clean sacrifice. People really have taken too much from the Davinci code- it was fictional!!!

Jim Pettis, very well said. I would like to add that a lot of things are revealed and at the same time not revealed. You know what I mean. It is a ~mystery~ and I believe God meant it that way. People would ask “why”?, and I would say to keep you pondering, wondering, deep in thought, and that’s why people keep on reading, searching, trying to place everything together. I can’t say that one person in this whole world can say, “I know the the absolute truth of Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.” By your question you are trying to search the depth in “reading between the lines” and that is very good. You are like alot of other Christian people that are mesmerized by the Holy Bible. That is who Jesus refers to, Matthew 7: 7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8) For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.
Maybe it’s these people that Jesus goes all over the world searching their hearts. I believe that anyone that keeps searching for the truth got the heart.

The Bible is a collection of books.

Some of the missing books talk about things you are asking about.

Catholics hold the oral tradition that Mary was assumed into heaven by God. They have a feast for The Assumption.

Jesus probably married Mary Magdalene. They probably had three kids. Jesus also has brothers and sister by Mary and Joseph, and that is in the gospels, but is quickly dismissed to mean Cousins.

Jesus had a favorite apostle who is refered to as such, but there is much debate on who it was? Peter? Judas? Mary? his Cousin Judas?

There are also a number of strange stories about his youth and coming to terms with his Godhood in some of the other missing works.

True, there are 19 years of the life of Jesus not recorded.

This is a “nutty” question. The Christian faith says,
“where the Bible speaks, we speak……..where the
Bible is silent, we’re silent”. That’s as good an answer
as you’re gonnna get. We’ll find out in heaven. If you’re
not going there, then I guess you’ll never find out, will

We really know nothing about Jesus, including if he really existed or not. Paul, the earliest writer about Jesus, mentioned nothing about his personal life. He didn’t even say much about his teachings. And his writings were decades after Jesus’ supposed death.

The Gospels were written decades after Paul’s writings. They include details made up that the authors couldn’t possible have known after such a long time. Most of them copied off of each other and other writings of the time.

If it’s not in the bible than apparently it isn’t important. Who cares if Jesus was married. Yea, it would have made him human, but whose to say that human isn’t divine.
I like your point.

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