45% of VOTERS now disapprove of Barry Obama. Is the bloom off the rose?

Among likely voters (defined as I voted in the last election and plan to vote again in the next one) 45% of VOTERS disapprove of the job One Term Barry is doing as president.

The gap between strongly approve and strongly disapprove is on only 3 percent … half of One Term Barry’s margin of victory last November.


Any poll that does not limit itself to actual VOTERS is worthless.

You want to know what’s funny? Even before I clicked on this question, I knew it was going to link to a Rasmussen poll.

Sorry, but in the legitimate polls, he still has solid support.

And yet that 45% who disapprove is still 1% less than the percentage who voted for McCain. So there’s at least 1% of former McCain voters who admit that Obama is doing a good job.

Sounds like a good performance to me.

It is the most accurate poll, and they didn’t have McCain ahead, ever.

I believe the dems are realizing why obamas college grades were never shown,,,,he flunked and still is.
He was hoping the good ole boy system would prop him but Pelosi and Reid don’t care for him to be in the club.

Why do you guys always quote Rasmussen as if it’s the “bible” of polls?

Rasmussen has him at 55% approve, 44% disapprove, while the average of the top ten national polls has him at 60.7% approve, 30.7% disapprove.


DC Maximus, below: “His decline is the most precipitous since the administration of William Howard Taft”
Take a look at the graph in my link. It shows the “precipitous drop” you’re referring to – from 63% just after the inauguration, to 60.7% now.

Is it within the community guidelines to say that you make me ill?


Millcollector, below: “It [Rasmussen] is the most accurate poll”.

Why, because it says what you want it to say?


And congratulations on attaining a doctorate in statistics.

Hm, my math suggests that 45% is still a minority…LOL…(as Paul McCartney wrote, “Cry baby, cry…”) I think those 45% are the same 45% that didn’t vote for him in the first place…DUH!!!!!!!

(Rasmussen…might as well use Faux News as a source…DUH!)

didnt rasmussen report that john mccain was ahead right before obama got elected? LOL, don’t listen to this guy people

Rasmussen? The guys who were reporting McCain ahead or only two points behind up through October 2008?

Don’t make me laugh.

BO was just a bunch of hype. Very few people bothered to find out anything about him. They were just in love with the fact that he’s black.

Those are the racists in this country.


i knew it from the beginning…the reason that he won is that all the african american voted because of his skin not for what he was gonna do!!! now they are kicking them selves for that…is it 2012 yet??

His “margin of victory” was not by much. Yes his approval ratings are falling, by pushing his forever bigger government it does not surprise me in the least.

i can read graphs and the line is going steadily down hmm and hmmm

Obama is on the downward side

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