Your opinion on bcogherig4 s &quot:tricky trivia&quot:?

i notice that some people are complaning about it and some people are complementing him for his great idea.

my opinion, I like it

I would like the first person that answers just put i love it, nothing else, then people would thumb up or down depending on their opinion. Aditionally other people would answer…duh…

i love it

A rainbow after a storm … reminding you of GodВґs mercy. The smell of rain on a dry ground … magically refreshing. Spring … showing its colors and sounds everywhere. A long, tight and loving hug … specially when youВґre feeling lonely. A smile … even more, a smile from a sweet child … and you forcing a smile also helps you to come out of your shell or abyss, when youВґre down there. Kind words, compliments … they will lift you up and make your day! Saying or hearing ” I love you”, still works wonders too. A juicy kiss … can light up your fire. Life … itВґs just magical!!!

It–Yahoo Answers–is not really the right forum for this. As I understand it, the purpose is to find out answers of either a factual nature or to see what kinds of opinions people hold. Asking trivia, ranting, or raving all just clutter the system up.

I’m not trying to be a kill-joy, but I don’t think it or any other trivia really belongs here.

I don’t know who we are speaking of but if he has gotten this much attention he must be A YAHOO ANSWER GOD!! I would like to find these DEEP questions so I could be a part of history!!

Can’t believe there is a legend to this bcog GOD!! Is he one account or more? I want to meet this GOD and shake there hand.

But honestly to you people that say he should be deleted, your fuc*ing lame!! If someone wants to spend all day looking for crazy trivia, more power to them!

I think they must be an unemployeed loser! The only bigger loser I can think of is the loser who gets so worked up by it, and calls for his head!

I don’t answer them,,Why bother? Craig S gets best answer 95% of the time!!

For the most part I enjoy answering the questions he askes. They’re fun to to do, but sometimes I know the answer but my internet connection is bad and it’s too late. I hope he keeps doing them. The other problem I have is sometimes the question are too vague and the answer could be anyone. Those are the only two problems I have with it, but for the most part they are fun to answer.

I’m pretty sure that I like it but it’s kinda hard to believe that he asks them so many times a day.

I like baseball trivia, so I’m not complaining.

If you don’t want to read it, then don’t click on the question. I don’t see what makes this any worse than the 300th question about where ARod is going to sign, or about who will win the Cy Young/MVP awards.

My opinion is that he should delete all of his 13 other accounts, including this one you are using now.

He should also quit writing me under all of those accounts BEGGING me to unblock him—because that will never happen.

I love to answer his trivia!

I’d be cool if he’d give you the 10 points for a correct answer instead of 1 point in his own little game. I want my 10 points!!

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