Why is it snowing if theres global warming?

is the snow part of global warming?

The snow in the Scotland has been the worst ever in living memory which is strange considering there has been centuries of so called Global Warming… When are these so called tipping points going to kick in as people are dying of the cold!

It is difficult to have faith in the global warming data.. I guess you must be religious about AGW whilst everone is freezing!

Equally I could pose the question “why has all the snow round here melted if there’s no global warming”.

The fact that it’s snowing where you are and has melted where I am is nothing more than short-term and localised weather. Global warming is not specific to the weather in one location at a specific point in time, it is the weather average across the whole planet over many decades.

I don’t know where you are but the chances are that overall snowfall has decreased in your part of the world. If you compare figures in recent years with comparable ones from 50 or 100 years ago you’ll probably find a noticeable reduction. Weather Underground has historical weather records that you can look up.

Global warming has raised the average global temperature by a little under 1°C so far, this is nowhere near enough to prevent snowfall occurring. Let’s say that the temp where you are is currently –5°C and that it’s snowing, if there was no manmade global warming the weather where you are would be –6°C and it would still be snowing.

See also the answers in the question that Liberal 60 (above) has linked to.

Well it’s always a hoot to see a Global Warming conference get snowed on BUT…

AGW theory espouses that humans are causing a rise in the AVERAGE Global temperature. Essentially about 0.6 degrees over the last 160 years.

So while the snow belt may get pushed towards the poles a bit, nobody is saying it won’t snow.

Global warming won’t eliminate weather and also won’t prevent cold weather from hitting your area when Winter arrives. Snow storms are weather. If you have snow staying on the ground and bodies of water freezing over earlier over the span of several years, then you can start wondering why that would happen if global warming is accurate. However, having snow stay on the ground and bodies of water freezing over is happening later if at all, so it would seem to me that a snowstorm is meaningless.


if your on about the snow in the UK its to do with a high pressure system over the Atlantic Ocean thats preventing the warmer, westerly winds from coming to the UK.

Another thing is that although the average temperature is increasing, some countries and places will go down.

Temperatures have risen an estimated 0.7C in the past century due to global warming. Snow occurs in temperatures around freezing, or 0C, and lower. Weather has a more dramatic effect on short period local temperatures than global warming does.

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Global warming causes global cooling.

It is Winter.

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