Why do they say the Arizona law is anti-immigrant?

Sorry if something like this has already been asked, but i’m very confused by the outrage with this law. Like if your here legally, then your good to go, if your not, then your in trouble. To me it isn’t saying we don’t want immigrants, it’s saying we don’t want illegal immigrants. It sounds like their protesting to be able to come here illegally, not pay taxes and do as they please. If i were in a different country I wouldn’t mind at all being asked for proof, just as i don’t mind being asked for my license or proof of insurance. So what’s up with this?

It’s a racist law, the only people they’ll be stopping are of hispanic descent, so it’s wrong right there.

The Supreme court has already ruled that no one can be asked for identification without reason. If you’re driving, you can be asked for your license, because driving is a privilege not a right. However to expect every hispanic in AZ to carry around a passport or BC with 2 forms of ID (a drivers license is not proof of citizenship) in case the cops want to stop them is ridiculous.

If they don’t have the kind of ID on them, they can face jail time and a fine, simply because of the color of their skin. Doesn’t that seem messed up to you? A couple of legal immigrants (or citizens even) can be arrested and fined because they didn’t have paperwork on them?

They don’t want to take the time to READ THE LAW. They want to believe the Illegal-Immigrant supporters that call it draconian and compare it to the Nazis. They don’t grasp that these groups are going for outrage.

Add: this is NOT giving the police new powers. They are pulling over the same people they can currently pull over. They can currently pull over ANYONE, not just legal or illegal or white or black or brown. They can ask for ID of ANYONE according to the Supreme Court. Oops not supposed to point out precedent that goes against some people. Now if you don’t have an ID or have a fake one they have reason to think you are here illegally and have reason to ask for proof of citizenship and have you put in holding until it is established if you won’t show it.

Its anti-illegal-immigrant.

Because not all immigrants are illegal. This law gives police the right to stop and question legals as well as illegals. In America, the right of the individual to move about freely without having to be harassed by law enforcement is sacrosanct. For a certain ethnic group to be suspect because of their skin color or accent is unAmerican.

It all depends on your definition of what it means to be an immigrant.

Because saying something like, “Let me see your papers.” is a very controversial thing to say. It was like the Nazi catch phrase.

The liberals are furious that we wopuld actually force people to prove they are citizens when it comes time to vote. That is what this is all about.

that is a really good question

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