why do liberals seem more hateful than conservatives?

after all we are on the same arent we??

Liberals main arguments consist of:

-Finger pointing
-Whining (they are still whining about gore/lieberman)
-arguing without coming up with solutions

Liberals have no talking points, only anger.

Depends which side of the fence you are on, I’ve seen plenty of lieberals, and endless accusations of unpatriotic by all levels of Republicans not only here but on TV, and by comparison, Democrats seem to come off as ineffective at invective.
The Unifier that Bush was supposed to be never got off the ground and our country is riven by far more hostile nonsense than grounded discussion, much to the detriment of the country’s well being.

It’s all the same – name calling on both sides. To be honest – when something ticks me off I resort to it too sometimes. Human nature. But all in all when they jump on the President Bush bashing band wagon I have to agree with you. Ask a question like “I support President Bush – do you?”, & you will see what I am referring to.

“Liberals have no talking points”!!!

That’s ridiculous….

Liberals come out about the same as some of the so-called cons here.The cons are the ones with the most useless hate speech that doesn’t really add to the conversation.

Leogirl, Moltar and a few others have good points and will actually argue them. Many of the others are just for shock value

Because they still can’t believe they lost – TWICE. They just can’t believe that at least 50% of the people in the US don’t agree with their liberal philosophy, even though all the news media, hollywood, and democrats keep saying “The American People………………..”.

They can’t believe they didn’t get to be the quarterback, so they will just keep on tripping their own players until they get their way.

super question, yet you could comprehend it particularly is the some distance authentic and lots left who continuously get into each and each others neck. it particularly is because of the fact they suspect in an ideology and could’t get their brains to infer and deduct the info.

Because their parents never liked them,they’re still mad that they didn’t have them aborted,and you can see why can’t you! they are not very brite,and not good looking at all! I really can’t blame the parents,because maybe they did make a misstake!Sorry for them!

They are not more hateful at all. We are all people, but no we are not all the same. Liberals and Conservatives have very different beliefs.

You got it backward!
Why do you have it backward?

Liberals love the poor, the exploited, the sick, the hurting, the homosexuals, the causes of justice, etc. We love everyone and want to make society better.

Republicans are motivated by selifishenss, greed and hatred.

It’s a mystery how this urban legend in your question arose. Assuming, of course, it’s not a case of psycho-social projection (you’re attributing to liberals that which conservatives actually are).

LMAO…liberals have no talking points….

That’s what liberals have most of…conservatives have no talking points…I know because all they do when they don’t like an arguments is call it “liberal” and “un-American”

And more hatefull..give me a break…I think your pals Ann and Rush and Bill and Dick prove just how much more hatefull conservatives are

What do you base this on? This is one of those general statements that causes more rifts. The last 8 years of divisiveness brought by the conservatives of the US is a great example of how hateful one party can be. Libby is a wonderful example. Don’t put blinders on.

Take Care

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