what can i use as a electricity alternative?

If my lights shut off what can i use to have electricity even if for a little while expect expensive generators

The “Power Pot”

It is a cooking pot that generates electricity through the use of steam from cooking


What are you going to try to power? We periodically have black outs around here and since we also have earthquakes, using open fires (candles and such) are not recommended. We keep a supply of batteries for flashlights. We have permanently put up “tap” lights (you can get these from the hardware store, houseware stores, online, even at the local large variety & drug stores) especially on the stairs, in the bathroom, places that you want to be hands-free while you do what you need to do, these are battery powered too but seem to not use a lot of juice so they last long enough to get a shower in or do whatever necessary stuff you need to see in the bathroom (we don’t use it if you’re just using the toilet or washing hands). I’ve heard you can use a car battery but I have no idea how you convert that power to household power (plus you have the risk of battery acid inside your home). I’ve heard of people using a computer UPS backup “battery” just so you can save your computer stuff. I know they sell battery operated fish tank air pumps. But none of these things will power your refrigerator or microwave. They do sell solar cookers (just saw one made by Solsource) if you get enough sun during the daylight hours–which can also be used to boil water for washing or sterilizing. There are small turbines you can buy and have installed (but you’ll need whatever other gizmos they need) to capture wind power. Solar panels to capture sun power. There are batteries that you just have to shake vigorously to power them for a while, also radios you crank (or use solar) to power. There are not too big gas generators but you can’t use them indoors because of the carbon monoxide.

I would use a combination of solar and wind to generate sufficient electricity to light my house and maybe even run a radio, TV or even a computer. Solar panels on the roof can charge a bank of deep cycle RV batteries, while a small windmill mounted on a pole in the back yard can turn an alternator and continue to feed power to my batteries at night when the solar panels don’t work.

An inverter can take the DC power from the batteries and convert it to AC power to operate my regular household appliances.

I personally have a generator for temporary power. Solar power works only in the daytime unless you have a bank of batteries, solar panels, transfer switch and charge controller. Solar systems can run $10-$40k depending upon the size of the system and the size of any rebates. You cannot get them for free despite any advertising claims.

If you are only looking for lighting, battery powered flashlights are cheap. A small capacity deep cycle battery and 12vdc lighting will do fine for a few hours. If you want to run a TV, then you are looking at more expensive options (more batteries, sine-wave inverter). Whole house AC, water heater and refrigerator/freezer are still more expensive (solar or generator backup system). It really depends upon what you want to run and what you can do without on a temporary basis.

You can use a decent car battery, deep cycle recommended, a power inverter, and a car alternator preferably one with a built in voltage regulator. Then there are a few ways you can turn the alternator pulley. You can connect it to a bike chain or to a belt from a windmill or car or small engine or use your imagination. What ever can turn the pulley at around 500+ RPM will do it. Once you do that you can have pretty constant power as long as the pulley is turning consistently. You can not run a lot of things but you can easily run lights or a small fridge. Also you can make candles out of Vaseline, many types of wax, etc.

My electric has shut down before for about 4 months (hard times) what i started to do was yeah use candles , charge up dvd player, also i recorded on a mini cassette sound of movies i knew by hard and had my dog chilling with me and girlfriend most nights (she liked the lights on) to make a candle last longer i started to mix the waxes together dipping matches into the wax or the sticks and just placing the match like if it were the string and pouring the wax around it. Have a good one

This is a tricky question… If you want a electricity alternative to provide lights for seeing around in darkness, then your best bet is a hurricane lantern because the light won’t get blown out in the wind and it is portable from room to room, you can increase or dim the vision by manipulating the wick.

You presumably have had to prepare for the period by having the lantern, the wick and the kerosene fuel before the event. But then, if you are in a position to prepare for the event, you may want to get the more modern portable flashlights operated by batteries or some of the solar-powered ones.

If you want electricity to listen to radio, you can equip yourself with battery operated radios or even flash lights that has radio facility as well. You can get any of the above at eBay.com

If a hydroelectric dam or nuclear power station is not near your home, the following three alternative energy sources can be installed almost anywhere with the proper permits. Solar power is an excellent selection for those living in sunny climates. Wind turbines are useful in areas prone to steady breezes. Finally, hydropower is a good choice for those living near a source of moving water.

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/way_5754758_type-could-use-instead-electrical_.html#ixzz2aot28w4y

Strictly for lighting, I’d go with an oil/kerosene lamp. Light output is quite bright, the lamps burn a long time on one fill, the light output is adjustable and there are even scented oils available. Oil lamps are safer than candles. Kerosene is readily available and can be left in the lamp so it is ready for immediate use. Just keep a book of matches or lighter nearby.

Mr. Bean v/s Einstein..

Einstein & Mr.Bean sitting next to each other on a long flight..
Einstein says, Let’s play a game..

I will ask you a question,
if you don’t know the answer, you pay me only $5 and
if I don’t know the answer, I will pay you $500..

Einstein asks the first question:
What’s the distance from the Earth to the Moon..?

Mr.Bean doesn’t say a word,
reaches his pocket, pulls out a $5..

Now, it’s Mr.Bean’s turn..

He asks Einstein:
What goes up a hill with 3 legs and comes down on 4 legs..?

Einstein searches the net and asks all his smart friends..
After an hour he gives Mr.Bean $500..

Einstein going nuts and asks:
Well,so what goes up a hill with three legs
and comes down with four..?

Mr.Bean reaches his pocket and gives Einstein 5$

For about $200 you can purchase a 2500 watt portable generation, that comes with several built in inverters.

But since you do not wish to use a generator, I would suggest hooking up a 15 amp extension cord ( cost about $20) to an good inverter (cost about $30) plugged into your cigarette lighter in your car and ran to a plug outlet on the same electrical circuit you wish to use, in your house. This will provide electricity to your house as long as your car is running

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