Oxford Physicist says global warming will be &quot:recognized as the world s greatest political hoax&quot: agree?

Dr Leonard Evans, a research scientist, writes that: [quote]

Eventually the truth will out. When global warming finally is recognized as the world’s greatest political hoax, those discredited will not be the perpetrators.

The perpetrators are politicians and traditional media. After the credibility bubble bursts, the same politicians and media will continue to influence what the public is told. They will effectively claim that they never misled anyone. The fall guy will be science.

Lost in the confusion will be the distinction between science and the scientific community.

The scientific community has largely abandoned science. It has degenerated into little more than just another lobbying group seeking advancement for its members.

Do you agree?

And will the alarmists simply resort to tackling the man and not the ball yet again on this one?

Source: http://washingtontimes.com/news/2010/feb/12/has-global-warming-got-you-snowed-in/

Thank you so much for once again making the deniers look foolish.

He is not an Oxford physicist. he is an engineer with a doctorate in physics from oxford. Not the same.

He writes:”My fellow doctorate-holding science colleagues generally share my conclusion: The claim that human activity has appreciably warmed our planet is the greatest political hoax ever. ”

Unless he defines his science colleagues very narrowly (other writers for the far right Washington Times, perhaps? Do NOT confuse with Washington Post) this is not compatible with the data (see statement at




with endorsements or similar statements endorsed by the [US] National Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Indian National Science Academy, Russian Academy of Sciences etc listed at:




as well as numerous polls)

So why should we take him seriously?

Well sure he’s a scientist. But he is not a “climate scientist” and therefore unworthy of any consideration. Plus, he doesn’t work for any government organizations. And as common knowledge dictates, Government = virtuous and true, private industry = corrupt and evil.

Besides, he doesn’t toe the party line so he can’t be a real scientist…

Absolutely. Thousands of competent scientists have already come out against the AGW fraud, and the global warming bubble is very much like the .com or financial derivatives bubble – it only takes a relatively small crack in the facade for the whole house of cards to come down.

Every single day – even in the corrupt, corporate-controlled “mainstream” media’s assorted propaganda mills – we see further evidence of the deliberate fraud behind history’s greatest scientific hoax. It’s truly staggering that the Warmists still think they can salvage their most frankly Satanic cause of creating a fascist world government to enforce their pogrom against carbon dioxide.

“will the alarmists simply resort to tackling the man and not the ball yet again on this one?”

errrrrr well yes. i believe you may have added that little ‘straw man’ in anticipation of someone checking (very easily) your obviously unreliable source. well done!

do you mean Dr Leonard Evans, the (ahem!) ‘well known’ authority on road traffic safety? Employed by General Motors? Not a Climatologist! not even a weatherman. Must Try Harder.

edit; d/dx, since you bring it up;
come on dark blues! (its a family thing).

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