max amount of memory for pc?

Throughout the near 10 years i’ve had a pc, i’ve never had the max amount of memory installed. Oddly enough, i’ve been stuck on buying 256mb for every pc i’ve had. I’ve had about 3 different pc’s with different memory types. The current one takes DDR2700, and YEP, I have 256mb in the thing. Is it always good to go with the max amount of memory, especially if doing video processing and other things with the comp? Does having the max amount of memory make your computer work faster? more stable? Is there a limit on the amount of memory to install, where it would be almost overkill? For example, if i put in 2 ghz of memory in my system, would it work better than having 1 ghz? Would i notice a difference?

you are talking about ram i recommend 580 ram or more

I suppose U had always owned a pre-built/ branded PCs? that often limit to 256MB of RAM. However the limitation of memory capacity is based on the MotherBoard(MB) architecture & is specified in the MB specs & the number of RAM slots.U cannot have more than this.More memory may speed up your system, but whether the system would be “more stable” is a different question. The siZe of RAM is in Mega(MB) or Giga Bytes(GB), yes there is a memory bus speed, like DDR1 has a maximum of 400MHz and DDR2 starts at 533Mhz,check the MB what speed/frequency it supports,the higher the faster. If you are as sensitive as a SuperMan,may be you can “notice” the difference 😉

Some computers have even 4gb of memory, there is a limit on how much memory your computer can have, it depedns on how many slot your motherboard has and how much it can hold, you can most likely find this in ur owners manual, if its an older computer I dont think it can hold 1gb of memory, if its a newer one yes, if like you said you are running on 256mb of ram a 1 or 2gb upgrade would be a great help, i suggest waiting a few months for the new microsoft vista to come out and then buy a new computer, all vista computers come pre installed with a min of 1gb memory.

It is not so simple to install more memory and have a better performance.
Nowadays the max you can add go up to 4 GB but preferably useful for high-end system such as Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP.
Finally the memory should have a rated speed equal to the FSB of your processor or you are spending money for nothing.

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It totally depends on what you are running for software! I build my own and usually fill the first slot with the largest ram I can find. If you are an avid gamer, with todays games I would go with at least a gig. Some people buy systems and run every friggin thing they can at once! If you are one of these people, the more ram the better!

Depends how many ddr slots you have(I have 4 so I can upgrade up to 4gb of ram if i wanted to) make sure to get the right ddr speeds to be compadible.

If ur play games or design 3d graphic, u’ll see a lotta difference. but if ur workin on windows applications or video i dont think there’s much difference if u have a 1gb or 2 gb ram.

Surely.Upgrading memory power improve pc performance.I mean faster speed

yes movies games ect will run smoother and computer will react better

i think max is the best.

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