Is Rand Paul an anti-Semite because he wants to cut aid to Israel?

And why isn’t this a bigger deal to other Tea Partiers.

Read the link for context.

No, while I don’t support his positions, he at least is consistent. The one thing that attracts my attention is the fact that he’s not a hypocrite.

No. I’m not American so I’m too familiar with Rand Paul, I read that article and I have to partially agree with him. If Israel really needed aid it would stop occupying Palestine, building settlements on that land and spending a large amount of its budget protecting these people from the rightful owners of that land. I have no problem with the existence of Israel but if they’re going take land in the West Bank and Gaza and expect other countries to pay the bill they have another thing coming. That’s not antisemitic that’s a little thing called international law. AntisSemitism hatred of Jews for they’re ethnic-backgrounds, culture and/or rereligionYou’ll find many Jews who are against Zionism.

Our treasury is in the $hitter and DC has long spent in the last 24 months more money than they take in to the point NOW of a $1.5 trillion debt.

It kills me to see the idiocy that reacts to doing what’s right and not do what’s popular ( as has been the case the last 2 years ). You don’t like it, you’re a anti-Semite, racist, homophobe or some other crap.
Take care of the U.S. which is on full blown life support. What is it about this libs don’t comprehend? Too difficult for some to grasp the concept as to where we are and what has to be done to get us out this hole????

There is one factual “anti” – “anti-common sense”.

Most people do not understand that the money sent to Israel, like the money sent to Egypt, was for their militaries… and the goal is, was, and always shall be, to keep the Suez Canal open for oil tankers. We can cut off all aid tomorrow and if the Canal is shut down then people like Rand Paul would probably be the first to whine about it.

i’m fascinated approximately cutting distant places help, yet to no longer every physique. i might assessment all countries receiving distant places help with the aid of the years and what they have been doing with the help. Any international places the place the dictators have been hoarding the money or are extra helpful off than us gets cut back from this gadget. value reductions is value reductions. we will not have the money for waste in any software. i’m additionally in choose of cutting the fat from the militia budget. the coolest element right this is that the militia is in contract.

The Tea Party is not about Middle East Politics. Real Republicans are more Isolationist anyways, so it is more in line with the real conservative movement.
We should cut all foreign aid.

We gave Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries money to buy weapons from us, so they could protect themselves from Israel that we give money so they can buy weapons from us.

Give none f it away. It dies not make them our friends.

Not if he wants to cut aid to ALL other countries, but if he just wants to cut aid to Israel, than he’ll find a revolt among a segment of the Tea Party.

No, he wants to balance the damn budget. Why are we giving billions to these nations in the middle east? What do we get out of the deal other than huge debts. Israel has no effect on me and I don’t want to give them money, they can earn it for themselves like we have to.

Stop the insane militaristic empire we created, it is back firing.

It’s not like Israel is a third world county.
They can stand on their own without any financial aid.

Plus, over $14 billion dollars a year goes to Israel, and for what?

They have nothing to do with oil, so that’s not a reason.
They aren’t doing anything to keep peace with the Arabs.

He wants to cut (eliminate) all foreign aid…not just aid to Israel.
I am all for that (as are a great many conservatives).

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