Is it time for Hamas to stop firing rockets into Israel making Israel stop their attacks on hamas ?

as they have promised.Should Hamas continue as they have done for weeks launching more rockets at Israel so Israel continue their attacks on Hamas. What do you think. Im confused.

There’s nothing to be confused about. They demanded this war with their constant rocket fire on Israeli civilians and now they’ve got it.

They claim they were shooting the rockets at Israel because they blame Israel for them not being able to get food into Gaza for their children but they can get all the rockets they want into Gaza? I’m so sick of hearing how oppressed they are and how Israel is responsible for their sorry lives.

The time for all Arabs to stop their attacks on Israel and give up this 1400 year old dream of global dominance from Jerusalem was 1400 years ago.

The majority of the murders come from Israel. Most of the blood is on its hands. Israel could stop its airstrikes which kill mostly innocents and few ‘militants’ but it does not and even has declared its willingness for a ground assault. If Hamas stopped with their resistance movement, there’d be a lot more dead Palestinians than the countless who have already been killed and martyred. Good for them, defending their people. May Allah ШіШЁШ­Ш§Щ†Щ‡ Щ€ تعالى‎ bless them.

yes, of course, its something they should have never started with and should have ended long a go.Even the White House blames Hamas for new Mideast violence,Hamas has “shown its true colors as a terrorist organization.”All what Israel wants is to live in peace, without having to live in fear, Israel has a right herself. Israelis would be justified in seeking to destroy Hamas if it does not renounce further rocket attacks, he said, “I think what people want is peace on the ground and an end to the violence so people can go about living normal lives, and especially people in southern Israel, who spend so much time living in bomb shelters. It’s unacceptable.”

Try for one minute to sit on the fence. One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist. In Ireland the IRA were terrorists unless you are catholic in which case they become freedom fighters. The revolutions in France and the USA were fought by freedom fighters but if they had lost they would have been the terrorists of their day. Hamas believe that Israel is occupation of their land ( a familiar theme in history) and will not stop until they are ejected whereas the Israelies are defending their land and people from terrorists. Its a viscious circle to which there is no easy answer.Think for one minute if you were born a Palestinian what would you want Hamas to do then think what your view would be if you were Israeli.

it is past time to stop. but that is not going to happen. with the tacit approval of all the arab world, they continue. tacit approval? yes. why do no arab leaders stand up and tell hamas to stop. but when israel retaliates, which any country has the right to do when attacked, then the arabs start blathering on about how cruel it is for israel to fire on poor poor hamas. but this is nothing new. it’s the arab way. has been forever and probably always will be.

Research a time line of the region on Google. It’s complex and you should start around 1900. Then you can at least know as little as the rest of us.

You are not the only one confused.

Their rockets aren’t getting any better. Though the numbers say averages are they got to hit something. Still they just aren’t much of a weapon.
While Israel is sit to bull doze Gaza. Go in and clean it out.
The dummy’s can’t even figure out to try just not firing. Then what. I’d have to try it.

Yes, they should…instead of firing rockets into Israel then complaining when Israel retaliate. They remind me of some nuisance kids in school, they harass older kids then go and complain to the teacher when the older kids get enough and smack them one back.

Hamas will never stop. Thats the problem

Israel is a terrorist state, it’s time for it to stop launching air attacks on people who already have nothing.

Would I have any credibility with you if I said I were going to launch aerial bomb attacks on London, New York or Rome but claimed I would minimise civilian casualties?

No, of course not. So why should Israel have any credibility when it bombs peoples homes in a massive and very deliberately disproportionate assault?

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