I m so sad my family cat got hit by a car and died last night. What will make me happy?

First, let me offer my deepest sympathy to you. I know some people who answered your question may be ignorant of all the details, such as maybe your cat WAS an indoor cat & had escaped out the door when you were bringing in groceries, etc. & if you witnessed the tragedy, it makes it all that much harder to get over because you made a promise to your cat when you brought her (him) home. And that promise was to love them, to keep them warm & safe from harm and you probably feel some guilt because you feel you let her down by not being able to save her. To watch a beloved member of the family be taken so suddenly & in such a horriffic way is heart-wrenching enough so please do not dwell on the obviously hurtful answers (And people wonder WHY I like animals better than humans?? Animals are not spiteful and they do not revel in their ability to hurt others). Second, cherish the time you had with your beloved cat, she (he) was a part of your family, & as a family member you can grieve for her as long as you need to. The tears will flow, and don’t be afraid to let them, it’s ok, it’s the human thing to do. You can also set up a pet memorial online or you can donate your time or money to an animal sancutary or shelter in memory of your pet. You will start to feel a little better, but the pain never really goes away. Don’t be afraid to get another cat (some people feel guilty getting another cat), you are NOT replacing her, you are giving the new cat a chance for a good & loving home & it’s a great way to give a tribute to your lost family member. I’m sure she would not want you to be alone & hurting, so give another a chance to live a happy life, just as you had done for the one you lost. She (he) had chosen you to be her (his) family, and take comfort in knowing there is a place for all who were lost. It’s called the Rainbow’s Bridge (you can google it) It’s a beautiful story & it will bring you some comfort. Let me know how you are doing!!!

You can’t really expect to lose a member of the family & immediately find something else to make you happy. Give your cat the respect it deserves & mourn it honestly..if you ever get another cat, you know now why it should be strictly an indoor cat..An indoor cat won’t get hit by a car, or suffer any of the other horrible types of death that are ever-present dangers..

Aww Im so sorry 🙁 It’s difficult to make yourself happy after something like that happened.. Get together pictures of your kitty and put them up in your house for a while. Also comfort yourself knowing that your cat had a good life and a loving family while it was alive. I really wish I could give better suggestions but I know how sad it is to lose a kitty :'(

I am so sorry for your loss. The same thing happened to me last summer. Then not too long after a patient where I work came in and said he was on his way to the Humane Society with 3 kittens, so I send bring them in and let me see. One looked just like my cat that was deceased. I saved him from the pound as we named him Junior after our previous cat. It really helped the healing and it saved another cat. I recommend going to your local Humane Society.
Also, cats are not indoor animals. We all take risks when we leave the house each day. Cats are no different. They are willing to take the same risks, they enjoy time outdoors. It is unfair/selfish to lock them away.

Well, just give yourself some time and allow yourself to be sad.

And definately don’t get a new cat right now. Rebound is true for any relationship, even animal ones.

But just let yourself be sad and think about the good times you shared.

But wait for a bit until you get a new cat or any pet. Something to consider would be volunteering at a shelter to stay busy and spend time with animals. That can be very therapeutic.

I’m sorry about your cat. Only time will make you feel better. You could make a memory box for him. Get a shoebox or similar and cover it with photos of your cat. Then put some things of his inside the box – like a collar if he wore one, a favourite toy etc. Then you will have some things to remember him by.

A picture frame of your cat with a four leaf clover necklace for good luck linked into the knotted metal frame and a new or good condition cast iron horse shoe with the U shape facing up for good luck gold threaded onto the knotted metal to frame the cat picture frame.
Not sure if that’s going to make up for the pain and grief you’re suffering however four clovers and cast iron horse shoes are good luck and great for keeping your beloved animal friend’s spirit alive.

I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. If that happened to me I’d be terribly upset for quite a awhile. If you have any more cats make an attempt to keep them indoors. They have a much longer life span when you do. Hope you’re feeling better.

Do something constructive remembering your cat. Make a collage of pictures of your cat. Write a heartfelt poem about the cat. Humm a favorite song while thinking about the fun times you had.

After all that, have your boyfriend tickle and kiss you.

I’m so sorry about that, my puppy died the same way when i was little. I ate some fruits and watched cartoons, or any movie that can help cheer me up. Its gonna work better if you have HBO 🙂 I hope u feel better…besides, i don’t think ur cat will like you to be sad.

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