how to dress up as the anime character Misa?

i really like the idea as a anime character for halloween

here is a pic

i have short brown hair so i would have to get a wig and were can i get a dress like that?
I am only 13 so the dress would be longer and less grown up. also is this a bad idea for halloween? Thanks

I should think this would be a pretty easy costume. Just a black camisole for the top, some fingerless lace gloves (you can get these on sexy lingerie websites… I know, you’re only 13, but that’s still the best place to find them), a little full black miniskirt and then sew or glue a white ribbon around the edge, platform black boots. A black ribbon for the choker, lots of silver jewelry and a black studded belt.

Here’s a link to a website that sells cosplay wigs. It’s a bit expensive, but you gotta fork out some bucks for a good wig. There’s nothing worse that a cheap, cheesy wig.….

Here’s a store on eBay that has a very reasonably priced Misa costume and it’s custom made. All you’d have to do is add the wig, shoes, stockings and bling.…

I should think the gartered thigh high stockings would be the biggest problem for your mom as far as your age, but that could be overcome if you were to wear flesh colored tights under the thigh highs……..

ok the wig can be obtained from ebay – the best wigs
or you can get them from any part shop
the dress can be made – get a night wear and long black sock
make the skirt shorter but not too short cause in anime the skirts are much shorter lol
get gothic black boots and done shes really a simple cosplay
and no its a great idea though i think misa is more cute than scary lol

Kuroro Lucifer from Hunter X Hunter (of course) besides the undeniable fact that i’m kinda disturbing approximately that ‘bypass thingy on his brow and on the returned of his long black coat. i do no longer prefer to offend human beings in some way… you already know, considering the undeniable fact that kinda non secular stuff for some human beings. Backup selection may well be Edward Elric from finished steel Alchemist. nicely, yet another character that donning an prolonged coat. Bonus question: Uh! No! Please!! NO!!! ok, that grow to be slightly over reacted, hee… yet whats up, your question is often relaxing to respond to… i’m hoping you will shop making question (like Chu and BlackWingedAssasin) on condition that i’m no longer solid at asking a question… sobs!

heres one but costs alot of money. hope it helped. Or you could go to best wigs any holloween store. Oh i went to a anime shope and they had tons of stuff.

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