How many times will Obama blame Bush during his convention speech?


I own a business. I hire employees, and I fire them. When I tell an employee that I just hired that the books are trashed, the inventory has been let go, the trucks have not been maintained, what do not want is someone who complains….I want them to fix it. If they cannot fix I get rid of them and hire someone who can. Blaming the guy before is not what I hire them for. Obama was hired to fix Bus’s mistakes, some like thought he could not fix it, others thought he could. Obama has only spreed the blame and not done what he was hired for…to fix the mistakes that HE KNEW was there. He wanted the job, he got the job, then whined when he got it and had to do it.

We know that Obama cannot fix it.

Look, facts are facts…and the real truth of the matter is that the six Bush’s “no-veto” years of Republicans’ TOTALITARIANISM from 2001 through to January 2007 put their always-fail nation-destroying policies into place: deregulation (housing/credit markets’ collapses; FINANCIAL SYSTEM MELTDOWN; cruel anti-consumer greed-driven corporate policies); upside-down-pyramid imbalanced economics with the supply-side “trickle on down upon the little people” economics (Great Depression; Reagan recession; most recently, the Great Recession-Depression from which we still struggle mightily to rise above); massive OUTSOURCING all for the sake of the “expanded profit margins” so that deregulated CEOs can give themselves multi-million-dollar salaries, multi-million-dollar bonuses, and obscene corporate-raiding Golden Parachutes while paying employees in the third-world nations a mere $300 a YEAR on average!

Here’s the thing…Today’s fiscally-INSANE right-wing Republicans are PROPOSING THE SAME FAILED POLICIES, but “on steroids” (to quote President Obama). There is going to have to be some mention of what has been in place, including the IDIOTIC Bush/Cheney/GOP unfunded deficit-mushrooming revenue-destroying tax cuts for the wealthiest few, just to lay a foundation for the positive changes that have been made for this nation by the Obama administration (see and as well as’s Obameter,, and (click on each line of information for the details).

It could not be more often than the GOP convention blamed Obama for everything that is wrong in the world.

Less of the blame than he deserves. Herbert Hoover accurately gets blamed for the Great Depression. GW Bush deserves the blame for the longest and deepest recession since that happened on his watch.

How much of the 40 cents of every dollar spent would cease to be borrowed money if the Bush tax cuts expired?

They were supposed to be temporary and have been extended…what is it…four times now…three?

If you are going to show the debt clock…you are reminding voters of Bushes policies.

Not as often as Rightie Flag Spitters claim Bush had NOTHING to do with the economic collapse.

LOL ….. Righties are like little perverted two year olds…..

Like a little child – they will smash and trash their nursery – then when the father comes in – they will look the father right in the eye and say – – –

– – – – “Boo Hoo – I don’t know what happened – all I know is – I didn’t have anything to do with this mess!”

LOL ….


Red State Righties – – Their Moral Perversion DOESN’T ALLOW them to have ACCOUNTABILITY …. for ANYTHING.

That’s why THIS Former Republican left the party 30 years ago.

Too many Moral, Ethical Perverts.

And too many Morons.

Thanks for posting this question and allowing me to prove this.


Bush is irrelevant. It is the Republican dangerous failed policies that he and the Republican Congress enacted that will be referenced because electing Romney means a return to catastrophe.

Same as Romney will blame Obama IF Romney wins

He’s annoying I hate Obama

Think you’ll hafts take your shoes off for this one, bunky.

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