Has anyone ever had a tarot & clairvoyant reading come true?

I had a tarot &amp: clarivoyant reading yesterday by someone with a v good reputation. I made a point of not saying anything at all about my background, covered my hands so she couldn’t see if I had any rings &amp: went on my own. During the reading I kept my face as blank as possible. She was absolutely spot on with all the issues in my life at the moment &amp: told me that within the next 4 weeks my life will completely turn around. Has anyone ever had a spookily accurate reading like this come true? I’m very cynical but it would be so nice if what she said was actually correct!

HI ATP!! I experienced the same at a tarot card reading. 2 years ago I was “forced” to go with a friend to see a clairvoyant lady. And I have never before given it a moments thought before that evening. We were complete strangers to one another, and she did not ask me any questions beforehand.Since I was a total nonbeliever, imagine how my spine shivered when her suggestions came true to the letter just 2 months later.. Her knowledge of my life thus far was scary, and hit me in the chest like a fist. It was dramatic, frigthening and exciting at the same time. She decribed someone I was about to meet, and even made a drawing. I have lived with that man for 2 years now, and life could not be better. Greetings from Norway


About 2 years ago I did a Tarot reading as well as Rune reading from a Shaman in Oregon while I was living in California. The overall outcome was that I would soon experience a dramatic and painful life changing event. Within a week, an accident at work messed up my back forever and I live with the pain to this day.
I was also informed that if I did not put my whole self into my relationship, I would lose more than just my partner, I would lose my livelihood. Well, bang on wood, I lost my job and my girlfriend and my house in a 2 day period.
I have since moved to South Carolina with my mom who has cancer and I was told that would happen too. As well as my father mysteriously dying.
My life is really shitty right now and although I don’t blame it on Runes or Tarot or anything but myself, almost everything has come true and things unfold every day. I am 31 and was told I would die rather young and to be honest, I’m scared because lately I have really been considering suicide but am seeking help. I hope I can get the help I need because my pain is unbearable and every day I wake up and tell myself “this is the day it will all be over”.

If the tarot card reader is good (as your one seems to be) the cards pick up the things in your mind, from this the reader can give a very accurate reading. I went with a friend and at the time my mind was filled with a house we had been to see, with an outbuilding that could house a horse, which was what my daughter wanted. It also had a bit of land that my husband could keep a few cars on, which is his hobby. We were thinking about buying it. The tarot reader picked up on all these things very accurately. She said we would buy the house and be happy there. That was where she went wrong. I would have bought the house but my husband decided against it, as it was too far from the town. The cards can only pick up what you think and feel and when there is an outside factor, in this case my husband, the conclusion changed. This does not mean that your conclusion will change, unless affected by outside influences, you could be ill on the day you are meant to meet your man. You yourself can change the outcome, if you do not like what you hear by simply changing some things in your life that will stop the outcome from happening. In this case, as you have had a good reading, and are excited about the outcome, then I hope it reaches the conclusion you want.

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Has anyone ever had a tarot & clairvoyant reading come true?
I had a tarot & clarivoyant reading yesterday by someone with a v good reputation. I made a point of not saying anything at all about my background, covered my hands so she couldn’t see if I had any rings & went on my own. During the reading I kept my face as blank as possible. She was…

I had one about 15 yrs ago that came spookily true including moving close to the sea, an accident with red wine(dont ask!) and having 4 children(at the time I couldnt see myself having any never mind 4. Although she did say I would have 3 boys and a girl and I had 4 boys (my 8 yr old is a bit of a drama queen though so she may have got confused by this!!!) But over all it was very accurate.

I had a reading with someone of a very high reputation… he told me that, within the next few years I would meet my life long partner… not a soulmate as such but very well suited and made a strong point of saying he would be older than me…at the time I thought that was silly and believed hewas talking about someone 2 years older that I had a crush on at the time… 2 years later I met my OH… we are still together 5 years on and he is 20 years older!…

However… the bloke also kept referring to the course I was studying at the time as archaeology when i had even told him previously that it was in fact architecture… so he definitely made mistakes…

I have had another one more recently with someone else and she described an exact account of something that had happened a few months previously that noone knew about (a simple thing but nothing she could have guessed).

So I like to think that some of what they say is true but I don’t rely on it… nor do I think about it all the time… I figure that, if something they describe happens, then it is just confirmation that I am on the right track 🙂

Like horoscopes; I believe the good and ignore the bad 🙂


i was teaching myself to read tarot cards at college and i scared a few of my friends with my accuracy

one girl, i didn’t know here very well, she just saw me practising on other people and asked me to do a reading, showed birth and new life (two days later she was shocked to find she was pregnant cause she certainly wasn’t planning on it)

another one showed the death and lovers card which i interpreted as the end of one relationship and the start of a new better one (she broke up with here abusive boyfriend and is getting married this year to the bloke she met a week later)

i told another friend that he couldn’t move forward with his life until he stopped being in denial and hiding from the truth (he admitted he was gay and he’s been more successful than ever before)

It might just be coincidence and I’m not claiming to have special abilities and i personally don’t believe that the future is mapped out. It’s an unexplainable thing really. but they can come true.

Yea, I had a reading done some years ago and he told me I would get a new car and own my own house and go through a career change and I sat there thinking YEA RIGHT !!!!

This is a girl who at the time was in a low paid crap banking job still living at home with mummsy, long term boyfriend yes but no way I can afford a new car or even a new house.

He gave me the number 3 and a few other things during the reading, and low and behold a few years later (about 2 yrs later to be exact), I got the car and got a house with the boyfriend and currently after 5 years of redoing qualifications have changed my career ! LOL

about 10 years ago i visited a clairvoyant who was well regarded within the area.
I am a total sceptic, always have been.
I did the same as you, i said nothing, took off my rings wore plain clothing and just let her talk.
She told me i was married and had one child, a girl. This was funny because only that morning i had found out that i was pregnant with my first child.
She also told me that although i was happily married she didnt think that the marriage was one of soul mates!!
She told me that i would never be wealthy but that i would always have enough money to live on.
She told me that my next child would be a boy and that he would be exceptionally bright but would have medical problems.
I left there feeling quite let down, never expected her to say bad things, always thought they told you that you’d be rich and happy forever lol
Well to prove her skills were correct here’s what actually happened in my life…..
My first child was a girl, my second was a boy.
My son has aspergers syndrome ( a form of autism ) and has been identified as being exceptionally clever for his age even though he can neither read or write at the age of 7.
My marriage split up 18 months ago and i have now found a new partner who i do believe is my soul mate.
So yep think you could say that she did a good job lol
Have never been to another psychic just appreciated how right she was and am determined to now let nature take it’s course.

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