Conservatives: Should we cut SSN benefits for our troops, our war wounded, our war dead, and their families?

I say no!



why is this a conservative question?? regardless of what political affiliation, i doubt that anyone would say yes to that question.. at this point in juncture.. but, i assume you’re referring to some on the Right wanting to end SS.. i agree that we need to end SS.. it’s been a bust program since literally day one.. but, if something like that we’re to happen, there’d be more money in their pockets due to the SS tax not being applicable anymore.. and THEY can save that money according to how THEY see fit.. as far as when you are injured and can’t work and you are able to receive SS benefits, there are numerous companies that provide insurance for just that.. it’s called supplemental insurance.. and i gaurantee that this insurance is cheaper than the amount of taxes they take from your check every week.. any way you look at it, ANYTHING is better than the SS program. let individual people handle their own lives how they see fit.

as a sidenote.. the program is losing money.. there is no gaurantee that it would be around long enough for people in their 20’s and 30’s to take their share anyways.. why not scrap it now? stop wasting the taxpayer dollars..

It’s interesting that you pick an avatar and name depicting someone that was by all accounts a government despot that believed in government running everything. And your obviously a liberal.
That speaks volumes.

I see you are targeting conservatives today. Again I will say that a few nut case, pretend conservatives, do not speak for the many.

No our troops (and their family’s) should get everything they need including the Authority to do their jobs so, we can win (end) this war!!!!

Hell NO!

Where did this idea come from?

Although with the way the government has mishandled Social Security, they may end up short-changed anyway.

no. Why don’t you ask the same question of the Liberals? They’re the ones that made those laws.

I say no, but I do believe we need to quit allowing our elected officials to use SS money as their own personal piggy bank and leave I.O.U.’s they never intend to pay back.

We shouldn’t ahve to but that’s a favorite Democrat tactic to save money. They always go after the military.

No but we should cut SSN for lazy Liberals.

I agree with you, NO.
I Cr 13;8a

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