Conservatives and Republicans: Why do you blame Obama for spending money to fix your mess?

Why is it that every time I hear the debate against Obama you guys always go back to the fact that Obama has spent more money so far then any Government in history? You all act as if #1: he was not left with the biggest economic collapse in our nations history, and #2: as if McCain or anyone else would not have had to do the exact same thing.
Please enlighten me

Please don’t distort their fantacy view of economics with facts.
It makes them angry.

Sure spend money to fix the problem that Bush left us with.

Too bad that is not what he is doing. The “stimulus bill and Omnibus bills had little to do with fixing this mess. It was a payback for unions and an attempt to increase welfare rolls at the state level.

Check into it and it will all make sense to you.

If he wanted to make a difference to the middle class he would have given them more that 13 dollars a week. Putting money in the people’s hand would have made a much bigger difference than putting the money in the union’s hands.

When liberals both elected and voters keep blaming Bush for how bad the economy is and how sad it is Obama inherited it. Do they remember that the Dow was at 12K when they took back Congress and it was at an all time high of 14K ten months after they took over? What did they inherit? A rising market? And when Obama talks about the deficit he inherited. Does he realize that Democrats in Congress including himself voted FOR that deficit budget? Then Obama takes office and it is a total fiasco…we may never recover..

Last I checked, it was DEMOCRAT Bill Clinton who pushed for less stringent credit and downpayment requirements, which led to the housing market collapse (homeowners bought low and sold high), and invariably, the crisis we are now in.

I understand Obama’s thought process with the whole stimulus package. What I don’t understand is why he’s spending trillions of dollars that we don’t even have. I don’t want future generations to have to clean up our mess.

Sure, they didn’t offer oversight, which was a huge mistake. But if we really want to delve deeper into who actually sped up the snowball effect, it was us, the home owners. Then it was one big chain reaction. It went from us, to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, appraisers, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve. But it was all started by Clinton and Congress who gave us the green light when some people shouldn’t have been driving in the first place–if you get my metaphor.

Why is it so hard for you people to understand? This isn’t about whose side you are on. If McCain spent this kind of money to fix a problem that the government itself created conservatives would be railing against it too, the difference is you leftist morons wouldn’t be defending it.

Can you people not understand that the government can’t fix the economy, the government has never fixed the economy only hurt it. So throwing money on useless pet projects is going to do nothing but increase this nation’s debt and its citizen’s tax burden.

Jesus I’m finally begining to understand how this guy got elected, the nation is filled with absolute idiots.

Our problem.So much for a united people.But never the less If you do a little research you will find that The lib/dems have been in control since the last 2 years of Bush.That made him a lame duck and the dems did what they wanted.They are the ones that helped get us into this Frank ect.BO and company are doing what the dem/libs do best and don’t know any other way.Throwing other peoples money at what ever ails them……….

When was the last time Republicans had a majority in Congress? 2001
What year did Democrats gain the Majority in Congress? 2006
What year did the economic crisis start to rear its head? 2006

Any lightbulbs going off in your head yet? Or do you get all your information from the TV??

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and find out the whole story behind this mess.

because the collapse is DIRECTLY the cause of barney frank and the inept financial policy of the clintons and the present fiasco was caused by two years of mismanagment from the pelosi/reid regime.

and the ..”money” obama spent is pure liberal pork..the drivel about it being an economic stimulus is exactly that…drivel.

You wouldn’t know a conservative if he stepped on your head. Economic policies are put in place years in advance.

If there is anything bi-partisan in this government today, it is mutual hatred — on both sides.

False premise to your question.

It is One Term Barry’s mess and has been since 1/20/09

THE OBAMA DEPRESSION. Barry is responsible for it. And the other Democrats who voted for Barry’s bailout fiasco. None of the Republicans voted for it.

You are absolutely correct!

Republicans always screw up the country financially and every way they can. Then Democrats end up fixing everything back to normal.

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