Can a non-jewish person get a Jewish tattoo?

Though I’m not a Jew, I like to get a Magen David tattoo on my arm (out of my affection towards Israel).

Is it offensive for a non-jew to get a Jewish tattoo or will it hurt anyone’s religious sentiments?

There is no such thing as a Jewish tattoo. Tattoos are not permitted in the Jewish religion (and can be offensive to many Jews because of their Holocaust association.)

If you want to show support for Israel, I’d suggest volunteering at your local Holocaust memorial or sending a donation to the Museum of Tolerance.

If you’re not jewish you can get a tattoo. I’m jewish and i know that reason we can’t is because of in WW2 when we had to get tattoos of numbers on us. But yea go ahead if you want. No, you won’t hurt any jew’s feelings you’ll show you have respect for them.

It’s just confusing. Even Jews aren’t supposed to get jewish tattoos because no tattoos are allowed in their religion. I suppose some secular Jews would have have something like that.

the Jewish tradition predates WW2 so, its not fair to flat say that’s why “Jews” don’t tattoo.

Re: your specific question… people get images associated with “other” cultures than their own all the time.

i know that Dave Navarro has a “jewish” tattoo of the M of T logo. as i recall, he did it in response to discussing the camps with a survivor and also to acknowledge some important loved ones in his life that are jewish. i support his reasoning i have a “middle eastern” tattoo. many say Islam doesn’t allow tattoo… its not about religion. i love that region and its beautiful arts and people.

so, if you feel compelled to have a certain tattoo… i say enjoy it. you are not alone. that’s what we all do when he have one done.

I don’t think they would be offended, but since Jewish law prohibits tattoos their law would prevent them from letting you live in their land with them.

I think it is your body and you seem like you are doing it out of sentiment…so go for it.

yea I sure i guess if u want as long as it isn’t offensive

Its your body youre screwing up.You can get any kink of tattoo you want and for whatever reason.

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