answer ONLY IF YOU HEARD DONALD TRUMP S opinions on political issues what do you think of him for president?

I’m saying cuz it seems like there are so many people that answer n say that Donald Trump is just power hungry n is doing it for money blah, blah, blah…. but i think people that truly know his opinion can answer this question better.
so if you’ve heard what Donald Trump has to say about china and actually getting this country on the right path… what do you think of him? do you think he is full of sh** and won’t actually run?? do you think that he would do a good job as president?

Having Donald Trump as president would be excellent. He’s a strong, popular business man. He’ll actually improve the economy unlike the loser Obama.

hoover was a pretty damn successful business man, but a pretty bad president.

That does not automatically mean Trump would be a bad president but the notion that if your successful in business then you will be successful in presidency is not always correct.

Here is the reason why I don’t Trump will be a good president. Trump is used to being the boss and if he doesn’t like what your saying then your fired. That can’t work as a president, especially at foreign policy, the will be other leaders that will do what the want and Trump can’t simply just fire them, he has to compromise a bit which I personally don’t think he will be able to do.

Also that little issue can also affect thing here, Trump can virtually ignore the homeless and the poor because he does not agree with them. I don’t know personally about Trump’s opinion but most really rich people have the notion that everybody is able to be rich and that if your not then your lazy.

And when I mean rich I mean really rich, somewhere around 100M a year rich.

He might do a good job for America, but then he might just really screw it up and the chance of either way happening in around 50 – 50. I am not willing to take those odds.

Trump 2016

Donald Trump 2012

He doesn’t actually seem to have any ideas, or even any clearly stated policy positions. He says a lot of stuff about outsourcing to China, and how we need to be more competitive with them, but I have yet to hear him actually say anything about what he’d do about that, or anything else. Basically his entire platform thus far seems to consist of generic complaints about the economy, and birther stuff.

So no, I’m not a huge fan at this point.

I truly don’t believe that he’s going to run and would be amazed if he did. I like many of the stances that he’s taken and agree with him.

That said, I believe he’d be an excellent adviser, bringing much talent and know-how on board.

I think a successful business man would be a great president

I heard im on Sean Hannity’s show and there are somethings that I would agree with him, but I don’t think that he’ll stand much of a chance.

How is he only doing it for money? The president gets paid like 400,000 a year…and he’s worth billions, thats like pennies to him…

He would get my vote and this is because he has stated he is tired of America being belittled!

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