After the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, will the next war be fought in space?

After all, the country with the most military weapons gets to claim outer space as well, doesn’t it?

China has indicated it plans on claiming all of space and has been launching satellite based weapons while claiming the US already has them.

But I think we still have many wars ahead of us. It seems each generation is sure they are at the end of such things. Even if we had a one world government we will still have wars. There will always be people who have a difference of opinion, want unbridles power or who abuse and need to be dethroned. All power eventually corrupts and needs systems to bring back balance. That generally means wars of some kind.

Since the collapse of the former Soviet Empire and the end of the Cold War there really isn’t another country set up to fight in space besides the United States. I think what I’d actually call war in space is at least decades if not over a century off.

The next American military target is quite obviously Iran. Propaganda has been raging over the danger Iran poses, for years. Our terrible media has worked as the biggest propaganda machine in the world with a sprinkling of pretty much useless real information to create deniable plausibility. The US’s next target would, arguably be Pakistan except that Pakistan, too, has The Bomb. Pakistan’s population is very angry with the US for its forays into Pakistan and bombing and killing innocent civilians in their quest for fighters in Iraq.

Consider this, please. Mexico in its quest to get rid of the drug gangs chases them across the Texas border and bombs some American civilians and claims, of course, collateral damage. How would the US respond? I would suggest they would respond with military action.

Since when does the US follow the UN Charter? It is my experience that the US follows the charter only to find the enemy guilty.

War is not an art! War is pure savagry.

Space has a lot to do with our wars already. I really know it won’t be between space vehicles or anything but there are weapons in space; Ronald Reagan took us there. Our spy satellites are used in wars now. And ICBMs use space to travel over their targets.

Well, when China gets the bright Idea to blow everyone satellites up we’ll have one hell of a show. And then…..the war will be fought on the ground, not in space. As soon as a country decides to take control of space I suspect that other countries will decide that no one gets space and attack the aggressor.

Then again I just made all of that up and it sounds like a lame scifi story. So ya….

Ah yes, I’ve read about the satellite incident. There are fears even now that our satellites could be destroyed by enemies cutting out our radar and GPS systems.

I don’t believe our next, war will be fought in space, as there are still a number of years before we have those capabilities completed, but the next battles could be fought there. When you spend enough time trying to prepare for such an attack (as with the satellites), as the U.S. has begun to do, it is inevitable that someone try and see just how impenetrable it is.

perfect quote Axis. Space is not claimable territory as agreed in the UN. War isn’t a game, it’s an art.

Keep in mind that the “war” on Iraq and Afghanistan are conflicts, NOT wars. This is a common misconception liberals tend to share with their media.

I wouldn’t be surprised. At the rate we’re going though, this war won’t be over with in our lifetime. It’s beyond me how many people can’t grasp the idea that there will never be peace in the Middle East. Even if the Balfour Treaty was overturned tomorrow, and Israel was disbanded, there would still be turmoil over there. The sooner the American public realizes this, the better off they’ll be.

I firmly believe the next war will be fought in the America’s, possibly the US, between islamic extremists and the western world. It is beginning to happen already, with the absence of an unbiased press and a legitimate governmental interest in non traditional US philosophies.

wars are already being fought in space. How else do you think our troops get up to date maps including enemy positions. Satellites are interesting toys and the first country to decide it should be the only country with satellites will spark off something horrible.

yes there is every chances of space war after both Afghanistan and Iraq were made grave yards.

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