who do u think is better d.wade lebron kobe or iverson?

in my opinion 1st iverson 2nd wade 3rd kobe 4th lebron……………………………but n the future d wade will be better than allen iverson………………………in the future kobe wont play that good…………………………in the future lebron is gunna break a nail that means he doesnt have a future just keep dunkin’.

I Agree With You Man

Lebron D Wade Kobe Iverson

It goes:

1. Kobe (3 rings)
2. Wade (1 ring)
3. LeBron (just got to a championship series)
4. Iverson (hasn’t been to one in six years)

I think Kobe bryant is better he won the most championships and helped the lakers get to the playoffs…then iverson than wade than allen

1. lebron- this guy can do it all, cmon have you seen his game 5 against detroit?
2. wade – how does any other player (besides tmac and lebron) be able to average 25 and 7?
3. ai – has defined the crossover, he plays with so much heart and not to mention hes pretty darn good wit the ball
4. kobe – ok, lots of ppl are gonna get mad, but he IS the best SCORER in the league and basketball is not all about putting the ball in the hoop. we all know he can pass…he just doesnt want to

interesting question since they are all in different stages of their careers,,right now i have to say iverson has had the better career , yet only kobe and wade have rings of the group with a commen factor SHAQ the difference is wade was the leader on his championship team and shaq was the leader ( dominate player) on his run with the lakers, so as of right now i would say iverson-wade-kobe-james,, but wait james is only going to get better and better and will win several rings , he doesnt need anyone as good as shaq to win rings as he is the superstar that will lead the way,but basketball is a team sport and he needs anothergood player to help so by th end of his career it will be james, iverson, wade-( will drop after heat are fall apart) and kobe ( after we all see he will never win another wing unless a better superstar oes it and he is the supporter like he was with shaq.

Kobe is by far the best followed by d wade, lebron and iverson.

D-Wade is greater helpful Than those 2 You FUCKN Moron!!! Kobe &The Lakers Didnt Even attain The Semis On His Shoulder… Lebron Choke interior the Finals (have been given Swept) yet I Dont Have situation With Lebron Coz LBJ & D-Wade Are friends… Dwyane Wade attain The Finals & gained The Championship He just about Kill The Mavs All by Himself…. So What In A Hell U human beings Say That Kobe & Lebron is greater helpful Than Wade…U All Dumb *** MORONS!!!! one greater ingredient…If Ur A D-Wade Fan, U Wont Say Such issues…

1. d-wade:he may not get 100 points but, c’mon he led the heat to a title. give d-wade the credit. the heat is now HIS team. not shaq’s. he averaged 34.7ppg in 2006 finals. he’s definetly the next MJ.
2.lebron: well, give him credit. he’s led his young cavs over veteran detroit and right into the finals despite being swept by 3x vetreran spurs. he has to fell pretty good about being king now. yo, lebron just kepp dunking. i really admire them. you really have the potential to be the next MJ.
3.iverson:this guy is quick. gotta have SOME respect for him. he led the inexpreienced philly to the finals in ’01. he’s just gotta get his team a better result especially with melo around him.
4.kobe- c’mon b-ball is not a one man game dude. kobe, look those 81 points, the 4 straight 50s, and 2 all star mvps are awesome but don’t hog the ball please!!!!!!besides you shouldn’t have raped what i call a hot girl. just protect your franchise and you can have the pottential to be the next mj.

kobe is way better then all of them lebron can do a lot but he isnt really that good of a shooter he takes the dumbest shots ive ever seen, AI i dont see as really that good of a player he doesnt really play his position he just acts as SG and dwayne wade i think is over rated just because he has a ring some of his shots are so lucky. you cant tell me that u would have any of the other 3 with 1 minute to go in the game.


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