What is the specific Arab name for &quot:Palestine&quot:?

Arabs say they are the native inhabitants of Palestine. If it is so, what is the Arab name for it?
Not the Bilad Ash’Sham , which is just a translation of the Jewish and Christian name Holy Land, but the purely Arabic name?

Jews have the name for this land, and this name has been known to all the world for thousands yeras: itВґs Eretz Israel. The names like Judea, Israel are also known to all the world since Time Immemorial.

What about Arab specific name for this land?

“The native inhabitants” who have not the native name for the land they claim to live in since the time of neanderthals is something to laugh over.

And with this scarce propagandistic luggage Arabs hope to outbeat Jews in dispute over Palestine.

LetВґs sing the glory to the madness of the doomed.

Edit. Michardav, quick answer. “Palestine” is the Roman transcription of the Greek name “Philistine”
And no matter if it is Greek, Roman or Chinese- it is not Arab. I liked your maneuvering to avoid giving the answer to the question, but the fact is a fact; Jews have their own name for this land, and this name is known all over the world for thousands years.
And Arabs do not.

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“Not the Bilad Ash’Sham , which is just a translation of the Jewish and Christian name “Holy Land”, but the purely Arabic name?”

Biladu’Sham means Lands of the Left, not “Holy Lands”; Alquds is the “The Holy”.

Arab conquerors did not change the demographics or names of the territories they conquered. So yes, Palestinian Arabs are natives to Palestine my friend, and they are descendants of people who lived in Palestine since prehistoric times. Here:
“Like the Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptians, Moroccans, and most other people today commonly called Arabs, the Palestinians are an Arab people in linguistic and cultural affiliation — that is, in ethnic identity. However, like most other peoples today called Arabs, the Palestinians descend from the pre-existing ancient inhabitants of their respective region and those who have come to settle it throughout history; a matter on which genetic studies has begun to shed some light”

Ash’Sham doesn’t refer to a holy land of to Palestine alone. It refers to a greater area, including Israel, Syria and Lebanon.

Palestine is driven from the Philistia, a land that used to exist in nowadays Gaza Strip, and its inhabitants weren’t Arab in the least. The name changed and spread to various parts, differentiating between story tellers. (History- his story. It varies.)

There is no specific Arab name for Palestine. It figures, since, you know, Palestinians only existed since the 60’s of the 20th century.

Arabs call it “Bilad AshВґSham” – Holy Land. But itВґs of course not an Arabic name; itВґs just a translation of the traditional name of this land.

Another name Arabs use is “palestine”. ItВґs a greek/Roman name.

So, Arabs have not any Arabic name for the land they claim as being their “native land”.

And Jews have their own name for this land; itВґs Eretz Israel. And under this name this land has been known for centuries, if not for millenia.

It is clear who is native on this land – and who is just an impostor.

Filistin. It was not called Israel after 721 BCE. Jews up until the 20th century referred to the land as Palestine too. Judeans did not call the land “Israel”. Israel referred to a small area and only for two perhaps three hundred years. The area was known as Palestine and for much longer. The Persians called it Palestine as well. The Arabs simply referred to the land by what the locals and the rest of the world called it. Ever wonder why, if Israel was so important, the returning Jews from Babylon did not call it that?

Palestine is a Roman name, and it was given to the region that was home to the Jewish people in those days. It is a reference to “Philistia” or land of the Philistines, an ethnic group that no longer exists.
After the Romans destroyed the temple in 70AD, the region remained a mix of Jews and Christians, and was not really what you might call “Arab” until after the Arab conquests of the Holy Land after the death of Mohammed, so probably around 700AD, I would have to check on the dates.
Then of course, it eventually became a part of the Ottoman Empire, ruled by what is now Turkey.
So, I am not sure if there is an Arab name for it, although they often renamed places that they conquered. For example, Nubia/Axum was conquered in sometime around 1500AD, and they changed the name to Sudan, meaning “land of the blacks” in Arabic. The blacks were (and actually still are) used as slaves.

Quick question, if Palestine is a Roman name, how did the inhabitants tell Herodotus the land was called Palestine, centuries before Rome?

The Canaans who were originally from the Arab Peninsula, were the first inhabitants of the land of Palestine, they named it land of Canaan, and they named Jerusalem : “Orsalem” or “Orshalem”
they didn’t speak Arabic simply because the Arabic language didn’t exist that time.

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