Guys: long hair, short hair, up or down?

I really want to know what you prefer (I know that guys cannot be generalized!). What is most beautiful on a girl: long hair up, long hair down, short hair up or short hair down? If you add your color preferences, I would consider that a plus!

I’m not a guy, but I have three young adult sons. So I poled them and there friends just now and they say long. That is seven votes for long, all in the same room. Four like red. But it needs to be a natural looking red. Not firetruck red Or Cool aid red. Carrot top red. The others like any color. And two said a long ponytail is a turn on. A base ball cap, with the pony sticking out of the back for one.Hope this helps.

It depends on the shape of the face or neck as to what suits.

A short cut or up is good for a long elegant neck, and long hair looks good on most.

I prefer whatever looks the most feminine, that for me usually tends to be long hair, down. And Im partial to redheads=p

Long hair is the best!!!!! I don’t think it matters if its up or down. A pony tail is cute and down can be sexy. I like brown or red. NEVER do the hump hair thing on top WOOOOOF

i really like girls with long hair down. as for that, i would have to say i prefer either blonde or brunettes, but whatever is natural for them is the best look to me.

umm to me hair doesn’t matter, not a big fan of short hair, however there is a fair limit on too long

So medium as in goes a little past your shoulders and hair color doesn’t matter

Long Hair down/up doesnt matter and brown &/or blonde

long hair down

I’m not a guy (obviously), but I’ve found in my experience that men like long, dark hair.

long hair down

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