What are your thoughts on this man brutally murdering 19 cats?

As a cat owner and an animal lover, I am so furious and disgusted with this case. An 18 yo man is charged and arrested for brutally murdering 19 cats in South Florida. This is one of the sickest cases of animal cruelty I’ve heard of as of recent. This guy is a total nut case, and I hope he spends prison time for a long time.


That is just f-ed up! What a sick freak! I hope the sentence him to the fullest. If not, he’ll will end up being a serial killer. 🙁

Prison time? I want him DEAD. I’m a vegetarian, animal lover, cat owner, and I hope to spend the rest of my life with animals. This makes me furious. If I could get my hands on this guy he would be dead, I’m not kidding. Once I was watching an animal show about a guy killing a puppy and I screamed and hit the wall calling him a bastard. And this was one puppy! Since this is 19 cats I am even more mad than with the puppy. I was him DEAD.

Edit: I read the article and he killed cats, THAT WEREN’T EVEN HIS? If this guy killed my cat… ohhhh god. I can’t believe someone could be so horrible, so evil! This dude deserves to die.

Just watch animal cops on The animal planet channel. The sick and abusive things done never cease to amaze me. It makes me want to hurl. Mean and nasty things like this are done to people and animals alike. In prison he will get some special treatment from other prisoners who also like animals. Then he will know what a helpless animal feels like.

That’s sick. As an animal lover, this is unacceptable. People like him deserve to spend their whole life in prison. Better yet, he should disapear off the face of the earth.

*hugs my cat*

Sorry for the ‘cut and paste’ but this is my response to the last question too.

I’m equally upset and disturbed by this PUKES mug shot. He’s smiling fer’ CHRISAKES. He has no idea of how abhorrent his actions have been and the amount of pain and suffering he has been responsible for.
Where I come from we call these people Sociopaths. Thank goodness they found him before he got really bored and graduated to humans.

Some people are just horrible. If you watch Animal Cops, it’s even worse because the animals are suffering… There are sick people in the world.

Yet if it was 19 humans he brutally murdered, he’d have been on the receiving end of the guillotine by now.

Go figure.

It’d be interesting to see this ‘mans’ reasons for the killings, what a strange and disgusting thing to do..
although, I must admit it shows the neighborhood was slightly over-run with cats

Still, i want to know why…???

Just put the man in a cage full of lions…the cat’s way of payback

oh my god that’s sick hes got some real issues and need some real help he move on to humans soon hope he gets the worse punishments he can

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