What’s on your equine “bucket list”?

If you’ve ever seen the movie “the Bucket List” you know what I’m talking about… completing a list of things you want to do in your lifetime before you die.

So what’s on your equine “bucket list”?

1) Jump 5 foot… tackless.
2) Ride a horse on every continent.
3) Learn to piaffe, tempi changes… lots of upper level dressage moves.
4) Have a horseback wedding (IF I ever get married, lol)
5) Event to as high of a level as I can
6) Save a horse from an abuse situation or a slaughter bound horse.
7) Ride through the taco bell drive thru.
8) Ride in the ocean.
9) Get a horse to perform an extraordinary feat using pure trust, vocal and body language skills, no contraptions or gadgets.
10) Go on a horseback camping trip. (I’ve only ever been camping one and a half times in my whole life! I love it… but no one ever wants to go! The half time was because we were trespassing and didn’t know it…. police arrived, we had to leave in the middle of the night, long story…. lol)
11) See Mustangs in their natural habitat.

I’ll probably kill myself trying to complete this list LOL, maybe with #1. hahaha.

1. Grand Prix dressage on a horse I trained (my mom has already agreed to help me buy the foal XD)
2. Doma Vaquera on a Lusitano, looks like too much fun to pass up.
3. Be chased by police while I’m riding a horse through a field, it just seems like fun.
4. Have a friend who thinks like me to ride horses with me.
5.Train a mustang or mule to event or something, just to rub in society’s face.

That about does it for me.. for now.

Annuhh I’ve slept in the barn 😀 We did on pony camp but we’re convinced it was sabotage. The show was the next day and all of us apart from one of the girls slept in an empty stable which still had some shavings in it. We were pulling shavings out of our hair all morning which led to a rather amusing incident where they all ran off screaming they needed hairnets (there’s a supermarket at the bottom of the road the yard was on) and I was left to groom 8 horses 😀
But onto the list.

1) Canter on Zara (She’s 17.3 and I’m 5’3 so I’m a little wary :D)
2) Like someone’s already said, find someone who’s horsey to ride with, both my best friend and boyfriend used to ride but don’t want to now 🙁
3) Get my own horse and eventually a Welshy to show halter.
4) Be able to keep my future horse at home.
5) To teach my child/ren to ride when I’m a lot older.
6) To try western riding.
7) To go back and see my friend now I actually have the confidence to ride her OTTB.

haha I’ve ridden in town, ridden in the towns terry fox run, christmas parade, etc. Lots of fun/ I really want to ride through a drive through too but its not actually legal because of insurance if something happened to the horse or rider, they arnt covered.

1) ride in the ocean.. or any water would be good (-=
2] Train a foal right from the beginning without it having contact with other person.
3] Jump 5 feet.
4] find my dream horse..and ride it . even if i can’t own it.
5] Own a stable that rescues horses that are sound and are capable of becoming completly healthy and train them to be great ( sort of a second chance)
6] have a horseback wedding!!! omg i have been planning it since i first learned to ride (=
7] Ride in the royal winter fair.
8] Become a livestock veterinarian. (working on it lol)
9] ride a cross country course ( never done it ! )=
10] and when i die, i wish to die on horseback… poor horse hahaha

1. Ride a single footing horse bareback going 35 mph
2. Ride a horse in the National Walking Horse Celebration\
3.Save a horse from slaughter
4.Ride to a Sonic stall and place an order

well number one would be own a horse lol… jk

1. own a boarding stable
2. be a farrier
3. have a horseback wedding (i would looove that! LOL)
4. ride through ANY drive through on a horse… lol not smething you see everyday haha.
5.ride in hawaii
6. have a 200 acre farm in ketucky
7.ride into town.
8. see wild horses.
9.go horseback camping.
10. ride at least one of every breed of horse out there.

ive been camping since i was 1 yr old! LOL my dad was a venture crew (like boyscouts but with both genders) leader. but never horseback camping.

horsemanshipqueen, because we dont have wild horse where we live): adn im sure they are prettier than thaattt.

Great question!

My list (in no particular order)
1. Own my own land so I could take in a few rescues
2. Ride MY horse on the beach (have ridden others’ horses, just haven’t gotten to bring my mare out yet)
3. Ride cross country (this would cover another: horseback camping)
4. Own and train a mustang
5. Raise and train a foal (will be doing this next year… well, with my aunt’s foal)
6. Be featured on Fuglyhorseoftheday for doing something positive for the horse community/industry (lol)
7. Trail ride bridleless
8. Own a fresian and learn to drive
9. Have my own barn (personal, not boarding) and arena
10. Own a Zorse

Let’s see
1. Jump a cross country course
2. Compete in upper-level show jumping
3. Own a training/rescue farm
4. Become a riding instructor
5. Ride on the beach
6. Ride into town 🙂 Drive-thru sounds fun tooo!
7. Ride an Akhal-Teke
8. Learn dressage
9. Sleep in the barn

Probably more but I can’t think of it right now 😀

What a great question. I’m going to star!

1. Ride on the beach at sunset.
2. See the wild horses in WA.
3. Have a hoof wall resection on an advanced founder case end well. A work in progress, have only done 2, both ended poorly.

Well, I have done:

10. a lot. It is wonderful, but a lot of work. From a weekend overnight to a 7 day long camp.

7. Have rode to a sonic drive in. That was fun.

11. Seen wild mustangs and burros in Nevada

6. I have rehab-ed several horses. Was very satisfying. I bought several from kill buyers.

I want to ride in the surf of the ocean.

Take the week long vacation/lessons offered at the Spanish riding school.

Adopt a Mustang and teach it to trust me and to accept me as it’s new herd and rider.

Those are the main ones. Have done others that I dreamed of in my youth.

Even competed in Germany while I was in the Army. That was too cool.

***EDIT*** I guess I am lucky as I have got to do a lot of my dream horse stuff already. One thing I really, REALLY want to do is set up a cross country course on a world class golf course and tear it to shreds! Anyay, and that would probably end up in the police chase the other poster mentioned! lol

Alright. I know that I have way more than this but I can’t remember lol so here’s a few…

-Get my own horse

-Own my own barn

-Jump at least 4’6

-Eventually learn dressage to a decent level

-Try reining!

-Show western pleasure sometime (I can only show hunters/eq right now)

-Eventually try jumpers

-Own an Arabian

-Rescue a horse

-Breed two horses and own the foal for it’s whole life

-Go to pony finals just to watch

-Teach my Mom to ride. lol

-Ride bareback and bridless

Hey that was more than I expected.

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