Question about airplane mode and airplanes?

When you’re on an airplane, when does the phone have to be off, in airplane mode, or with regular use? I know airplane mode turns off all the radios, so can a phone be on airplane mode during takeoff, or does it have to be completely off? And what about during flight, some flights have onboard WiFi, does it have to be in airplane mode with WiFi turned on or can it just be used like normal then?

It needs to be off during takeoff/landing. Airplane mode (with wi-fi on if you want) for the rest of the flight. You can usually turn it on normal shortly after landing. When it doubt, ask the flight crew.

Alex, regardless what mode the thing is in, all electronic devices MUST be off for take off and landings. When the aircraft is on finals an announcement is made to turn off all electronic devices. So enough with the is airplane mode rubbish.

Ask a flight attendant

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