My 9 month old german shepherd siberian husky mix attacks me. help!?

when she is running around the yard she bites my legs or jumps up and bites my arms really hard. I cant ever grab her to tell her no because shes to fast, and if i say no biting she starts to bark really viciously as if telling me to shut up. She is a very hyper and frisky puppy. She also trys to bite people if they’re running by or riding their bikes by. I raised her from a little puppy so i don’t know what to do. I actually look like ive been abused because i have bruises all over my legs and arms. I want this to stop before she gets full grown.

She is doing puppy play – sort of – puppy dominance
As she gets older if she is allowed to continue doing this it won’t be play anymore and it is getting close to that time. A professional trainer can help you.
If you go out in the back yard with her you need to keep her on a leash so you can control her, one little nibble and she gets harsh consequences. She is probably fairly big so a No and turning your back on her is not working. I would get her attention by pulling her up on the leash with a strong jerk while saying NO firmly and I would try to make her sit beside me before I let the leash and collar become loose. She should not be able to use her mouth on you for any reason.
Depending upon your size and her dominance issues this may or may not work and that is why you will no doubtedly need a professional trainer.
Obedience classes and lots of exercise walking on a leash will help build a bond between you and her and will help for her to see you as the leader.

This is a serious problem and you need to hire a trainer (which I’d suggest over going to group classes, because then you can focus on your specific problem).

Young puppies mouth and nip a bit, but 9 months is way too long to have not trained that out of her yet.

I’d start by playing with her in a space that you can safely leave her in alone, and whenever she bites, you say ouch, yelp, etc, and then leave for a few minutes. She should learn the lesson that when she acts like that, she loses her playmate.

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Puppies usually do those kinds of things. But you need to let her know who is boss. If she is afaraid of water than every time she barks or bites you can squirt her with a water gun and say “no”. But you want to keep your word simple like : no or quiet, stop… because it is much easier for a dog to understand.

Sounds like an excellent candidate for obedience school! Very true!! Puppys do this.. your just getting scared cause the puppy is so big!! Also dont be scared. Be stern and willing to teach your new family member! Please dont get rid of your puppy.. take care of her!

Sounds like an excellent candidate for obedience school. They are smart, working dogs but they need something to do besides play and lay around all day. The obedience will give her confidence and also you won’t be black and blue.

I have a German Shepherd mix as well(9 week)! He is defiantly one, that loves using his teeth. Hes actually somewhat ‘biting’ my ankles as well. If she keeps doing it take her inside, show her that you earn play time, and you should be treated fairly!

hahahahahaha!!! damn that was funny!!!
u know, i dont like dogs anymore cuz i had a similar experience. id advice u to take her to the vet. she probably has pains somewhere(which maybe u accidentaly caused) and takes the anger on you. or maybe shes sick of the environment and isnt a patient dog to calm down.
Just take her to the vet and see what happens next….

Puppies do that. You have to stop it, you are the boss.…

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