Is this car worth buying?

I went to the dealer the other day to Look Around and got talked into running my credit for a 2006 Suzuki. It has 88k miles on it and has never been in an accident. The cost on it is $6995 and they dealers are eager to give it to me even with no money down.

I’m a first time buyer and this is a used car. I don’t know if this is really worth it and I keep getting mixed reviews.

I have heard negative things about their reliability. However, I have not owned one before.

There were six different Suzuki models in 2006, you didn’t state which one so nobody can give an informed opinion on what it might be worth. You also gave no information on options, condition, etc.

Start here and you can get the NADA values.…

Did you look at the guide? That’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than it’s worth.

You need to provide more information…
Which model Suzuki?
What is the interest rate they’re charging you? How long is the loan?

But from the sounds of it, you let yourself get talked into a buying a car and now you are experiencing buyer’s remorse.

Just my opinion, but that car is about 2-3K over priced. You know they bought that at auction and marked ot up. I agree w/ the other person who stated they are not that reliable. It’s true. For that money you can do better. Of course they are eager to get you in it. The profit margin is very high. Plus selling cars and making money is what they do. Don’t be angry or frustrated over this. It’s been said before, “it’s just business”. So if you give em the finger and walk out, don’t have a single ounce of guilt. It’s just business.

What model of Suzuki ?? The delux version of the Verona is a pretty nice car and was marketed through Chevrolet for a few years. in Canada. And was a Daewoe (sp?) before that

I’ve heard it’s harder to get approved for a used car then a new one if your credit is good enough that you need no deposit I would shoot for a new car of that doesn’t work out that car will still probably be there

DUDE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! lol suzuki sucks they are good on gas but they are not reliable …….try civic, accord, altima, or maxima

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